Acorn Cap Serenity

When searching for a gift, turn to the gifts given by nature. I found inspiration in acorn caps found at Cumberland Island, GA and dropped from the oaks along Olmsted Linear Park. I never associated an acorn cap with the Buddha’s stylized head until a friend sent me this photo. Thinking about what it might feel like to be an acorn or a pearl…hmmm…Hope to see you at one of my Spring shows.

Miami / Fort Lauderdale, FL
International Light Association Conference
Jewelry show April 30 – May 3
Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Beach
801 Seabreeze Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

Atlanta, GA
Spring Collection Jewelry Show & Sale
Saturday, May 6, 11AM-5PM
Elaina Designs Atlanta studio: 1780 Marlbrook Dr. 30307

Ithaca, NY
Ithaca Green Door Studio Show & Sale
Friday, May 19, 3PM-8PM
Saturday, May 20, 11AM-5PM
152 Inlet Valley Way (formerly 167-1 Calkins Rd.) 14850

Cumberland Island Water Oak Acorn Cap. Mauve freshwater pearl, sterling. $300. 

Cumberland Island Water Oak Acorn Cap, large blue South Sea Pearl, sterling. $485.

Cumberland Island Water Oak Acorn Cap, Black Tahitian Pearls, 14KT Pink Gold. $1095. 

Olmsted Park Red Oak Baby Acorn Cap, metallic pink freshwater pearl, sterling. $185.

Olmsted Park Twin Oak Acorn Cap, Tahitian Pearl, sterling. $300


Mother Stories and Spring Show Schedule

Miami / Fort Lauderdale, FL
International Light Association Conference

Jewelry show April 30 – May 3
Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Beach
801 Seabreeze Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

Atlanta, GA
Spring Collection Jewelry Show & Sale
Saturday, May 6, 11AM-5PM
Elaina Designs Atlanta studio: 1780 Marlbrook Dr. 30307 

Ithaca, NY
Ithaca Green Door Studio Show & Sale 
Friday, May 19, 3PM-8PM
Saturday, May 20, 11AM-5PM
152 Inlet Valley Way (formerly 167-1 Calkins Rd.) 14850

Having just completed a new selection of inspired jewelry, it’s exciting to share it with you at upcoming shows. If you desire a gift for graduation or a special occasion, please contact me to shop my collection anytime, anywhere.
For Mother’s Day inspiration, here are some custom pieces that express the maternal bond through jewelry.
If you’d like to meet with me while I’m in town, please email or call, or (678) 662-6156.

14KT Yellow Gold Baby Bracelet for 2 month old Ava Elle. Her amethyst birthstone is flush set at the back. 

Jane wanted an gold orbit bracelet designed around her mother’s teardrop diamond as a way to honor her.  

Family initials orbit Nancy’s wrist while incorporating diamonds and smokey quartz from her mother’s rings.

Gail is my IVIG nurse and has two young adult sons who present challenges to her. Her reason for the ring? “Sometimes I get lost in their confusion and in their needs. Wearing this ring helps me to get centered again by looking at their beautiful birthstones, reminding me how precious they are to me.”  — Gail T., Atlanta. 

Mother’s Ring: Alexandrite (June), Blue Zircon (December), Amethyst (February), 14k.


Unusual Gemstone Celebrates a Happy Union

Wedding Set for Diane & Steve

Tsavorite Garnet in this pastel mint hue is a rare find, and this one was still in its crystal form when I saw it at Mark Oros’ cutting shop in Trumansburg, NY. Immediately in love with the radiant color, I bought it uncut. It took a few months for Mark and I to decide on this special cut which he calls a “Maya Teardrop.”

Diane’s heart opened as she gazed into the gem at my Atlanta studio. She and her husband-to-be chose the fluid lines of the “Baja” ring design which takes its shape from a found shell fragment. Under the masterful hands of Fareed, this magnificent custom designed wedding set came to life for Diane and Steve.

Tsavorite garnet, Diamond, 14K rose gold.

New Jewelry Series Benefiting Atlanta’s Olmsted Linear Park Alliance

A desire to give back to the Atlanta neighborhood that I grew up in has inspired a new jewelry collection, the Olmsted Linear Park Series.  Frederick Law Olmsted, America’s premier landscape architect established himself during the nineteenth century, best known for Central Park in NYC, the Biltmore House grounds in Asheville, NC as well as other famous green spaces. Olmsted also designed the six city parks that form the backbone of the Atlanta Druid Hills neighborhood along Ponce de Leon Avenue. Each time we drive, walk or cycle through, we utilize the benefits of photosynthesis, birdsong and beauty. To develop this new collection, I spent time underneath each of the park’s iconic trees, searching and seeking symbols that might bring harmony to the wearer; beacons of gratitude for the land that gives so freely of itself. — Lainey 2017.

30% of sales will be donated to the Olmsted Linear Park Alliance. Jewelry can be ordered through Lainey Papageorge, or from Sandy Kruger,

 Chalice Tree Red Oak Baby Acorn and baby Tahitian Pearl Pendant: cast oxidized silver acorn top. $165 Shadyside Park

 Twin Oaks Twig & Tahitian Pearl post earrings: sterling cast twigs and acorn top. $320 Dellwood Park

Hickory Nutshell & Tahitian pearl, diamond pendant: oxidized silver cast nut shell, $275. Oak Grove Park

Pearls of Wisdom earrings: Tahitian pearl, cast sterling acorn tops from
the Teaching Tree across from Paideia School $295. Oak Grove Park

Olmsted Linear Parkway Necklace depicts the six park shapes cut from reticulated silver with gemstones symbolizing a significant aspect within each park. $950.

Blue Sapphire marks the spring that once bubbled from the ground, Springdale Park.
Pink Sapphire honors Virgilee, Joel Hurt’s daughter who died as a young child, Virgilee Park.
Pearl for wisdom dropped beneath the “Teaching Tree” across from Paideia School, Oak Grove Park.
Ruby for the red oak often referred to as the “Chalice Tree” due to its magnificent shape, Shadyside Park.
Champagne Diamonds for the towering “Twin Oaks”, Dellwood Park.
Emerald for “The Mead”, a spacious meadow where children and families gather, Deepdene Park.

Purple Power

Purple Power Jewelry Series
Inspiration, associated with the third eye is manifest in the purple hue. We need a collective awakening that begins inside each of us to bring about the changes we most fervently desire. Let it begin.

Atlanta showroom open by appointment, (678) 662-6156, Out-of-state clients, please contact Lainey for gift consultation, shipping and free gift wrapping. Jewelry priced at $65 and up. 
Ancient sea floor fossilized Opal clam shell found in Coober Pedy, Australia. Morganite, pink freshwater Pearl, 14KT Pink & White Gold Pendant/Pin. $2330.

“Purple Dream in Action” Sterling, 14KT yellow and pink gold, Royal Lazel Sugelite, Rutilated Quartz, green Sapphire $840. Amethyst necklace sold separately, $110
Original ring design for Lainey’s mother, Irene Phrydas in 1978. Reproduced here in silver with purple Jade from the Mediterranean. size 7.5 $400. 

Grandmother’s Brooch

“Grandmother’s Brooch”
Ann always wanted a pin to celebrate her family during this special time of year.
June, Ann’s mother, commissioned this brooch to incorporate each family member’s birthstone. 

Happy Holidays from Elaina Designs

We are open this week, Monday through Friday 12PM-4PM,
for drop-in shopping at our Lake Claire showroom
1780 Marlbrook Dr. Atlanta, 30307.

Please note, Elaina Designs will be closed December 24 – January 1.

Every February, Lainey hand picks the best priced, most lustrous pearls at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. Luckily, we still have a gorgeous selection of necklaces, earrings and rings to tempt you!

Natural pearls and gemstones, prices range from $185 – $2300

Nature Inspired Jewelry

Anole Lizard, Costa Rica.
Yellow & blue Tourmalines, Kyanite, Imperial Jasper, SS, 14KT. Detachable posts. $1080.


Bi-color Tourmalines, Tsavorite, lab grown Opals, rhodium plated sterling. $705.


Keshi Pearls, Aquamarine, Rose-cut Sapphires, Tourmaline, Kunzite, 14KT White Gold Necklace $3060. 
Natural Color Purple Freshwater Pearl, Bi-Color Sapphire, 14KT green & pink gold pendant, $1755.
Photographed on navy Opal beads, $270.

After moving back to my favorite Druid Hills old-growth forest, traveling to the Costa Rica rainforest, the Pacific coast last winter and Alaska this summer, creativity is coursing through me. This season, there are a plethora of interesting jewelry designs to choose from, inspired by tropical creatures, a heavenly ion display, and the mysteries of Fernbank Forest. I invite you to peruse the entire Elaina Designs Collection in person at my home showroom for a broad range of designs to suit any budget. My new website highlights the show stoppers in my jewelry career and is a great reference for custom orders. 

If you are in Atlanta, please drop by the Lake Claire showroom Dec 2 & 3 for an open studio sale. Metaalia Jewelry and Elaina Designs will join forces to wow you with our newest stunners, especially prepared for your holiday shopping.

Each of you are the many blessings I’ll be celebrating this Thanksgiving. Thank you for your support.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Magical Opals that Thrill and Inspire

When potential change inflicted by humans becomes overwhelming, peer into the beauty that millions of years of evolution can bring to the Mineral Kingdom. This mussel once lived in a shallow marine environment on the Gondwanaland continental plate that is now modern day Australia. As the mussel flesh decayed, it left behind a cavity of trace elements that were replaced by silica, which then fossilized into the prismatic colors that we now term “Opal”. These fossils are extremely rare and account for a tiny percentage of all mined opals. The two red spinels are natural in color and come from the mountainous region of Sri Lanka and are ethically mined.

18KT gold enhancer, $3300. Spinel beads sold separately, $350.
Designed by Lainey Papageorge, articulated by FM Abdulky. 

The splendor of this dark bodied Opal from the Abyssinian highlands of Ethiopia has an amazing 360 degree range of color with bright red, blue, green and orange flashes that scream from any light source. The highly sought after Welo Opal deposit was discovered in 2008 by government workers and is ethically sourced. This unusually colored Opal pendant is accented here with a red sapphire that has been treated with the trace element, beryllium. The bright red color is stable, though enhanced.

14KT gold pendant, $1800. Designed by Lainey Papageorge, articulated by FM Abdulky. 

Boulder Opal is 100% natural and ethically mined from the remains of a stagnant freshwater basin known as the Eromanga Sea that existed 97-60 million years ago in what is now Queensland, Australia. This sea lacked carbonantes but was full of organic matter and iron rich sediments. Pure Opal is layered along veins of iron matrix in what is referred to as Boulder Opal.
Iridescent pink and blue wild-formed Abalone pearls flank the Opal in this fine silver and 22K ring. These rare pearls are harvested by a family of licensed divers along the coast of Mexico and California.

 22KT, Fine Silver Ring, $1600. size 8. Designed by Lainey Papageorge, articulated by FM Abdulky. 

Lainey is in town for the rest of the year and is available for appointments and early holiday shopping. Please call or email (678)662-6156 or

Please mark your calendars for our next show:
Elaina Designs & Metaalia Jewelry Open House/Studio,
Friday & Saturday, December 2 & 3, 12-4PM both days
1780 Marlbrook Dr. Atlanta, GA 30307,
in the Lake Claire neighborhood near Decatur

Mix and Match Bangles for the Holidays

These individually crafted stacking bangle bracelets are a great way to dress up casual daytime or evening wear. Layer and arrange them anyway you want; the black rhodium, pink gold and sterling offers contrasting colors, textures and patterns. They’re a great gift idea too. If you’d like to order one or a few for the holidays, now’s the time to let us know. Call or email Lainey at (678) 662-6156 or

Top to bottom:
1) 14KT Pink Gold and sterling filigree, 5mm wide, $680
2) Black rhodium on sterling with hand engraved scroll pattern, 3mm wide,  $400
3) Black rhodium on sterling with flush set gemstones (your choice), 5mm wide,  approx. $660
4) Hand textured bright sterling, 3mm wide, $140
5 & 7) Black rhodium on sterling ball pattern, 5mm wide,  $340
6) Black rhodium on sterling hand engraved chevron pattern, 5mm wide,  $440

Happy Halloween,

Outdoor Fall Festivals in October!

Autumn Greetings,

After 9 months of creative, careful preparation the Elaina Designs 2016 jewelry collection is ready. A dynamic experience awaits you in which to view my new work and discuss future custom design projects in these two unconventional showcase environments. Travel to north Georgia (near Clayton) to the Hambidge Center’s Great ARTdoors Festival Saturday, October 15, then up to Ithaca, NY to see the beautifully renovated 1880’s threshing barn now the Treman Center, for the H*ART*Fest Gathering the following Saturday Oct. 22.

After October 31, visit my Atlanta studio to leisurely shop the collection in the cozy Elaina Designs home showroom in Lake Claire. Please call or email me if you’d like to schedule an appointment (678) 662-6156 or Together, let’s envision beauty in gems.

I invite you to stretch time, peruse the stones and enjoy the scenery along the way *~*

In Resonance,

Saturday, October 15, 10AM – 5PM
105 Hambidge Ct. Rabin Gap, GA 30568

Saturday, October 22, 3PM – 9PM
95 Hines Rd. Newfield, NY 14867

Cufflinks to Celebrate Fifteen Years of Marriage

Please note the Elaina Designs Fall show schedule:
Rabun Gap, Georgia 
The Great ARTdoors Festival at the Hambidge Center
Sat. October 15, 10AM-5PM
105 Hambidge Court, Rabun Gap, GA 30568

Ithaca, New York H*ART*FEST Gathering at the Treman Center
Sat. October 22, 4PM-9PM
95 Hines Road, Newfield, NY 14867

Atlanta, Georgia Holiday Show at Lainey’s studio/home
Featuring jewelry by Elaina Designs and Metaalia Jewelry
Fri. & Sat. December 2 & 3, 12PM-4PM both days
1780 Marlbrook Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

XV Wedding Anniversary Gift for her Husband

The norm is for a husband to buy a precious gift for his wife, so imagine my delight when a lovely client wanted me to custom design cufflinks for her husband to celebrate their upcoming 15th wedding anniversary! Since Erich wears french cuffs to work everyday and already sports two pairs of “Lainey” links, these had to be extra special with space for hand engraved roman numerals, XV.

Over several meetings Tate and I carefully perused gems paired for the vibrant colors that her husband favors. Together we arrived at this eclectic design which Erich cherishes and which will certainly be passed on to their son someday. Fareed did a fantastic job of housing the stones into elegant, secure and durable sterling settings.

Erich exclaims, “Forget Yurman, all I enjoy wearing now are my Elaina Design cufflinks, made especially for me.” Erich W. Atlanta, GA


Elaina Designs Fall Show Schedule

Dazzling jewelry in Lainey’s trademark palette of brilliantly colored gemstones is traveling to a location near you this Fall!  Please mark your calendars with our show schedule below. We invite you to bask in the beauty of the new “Green Door Series.” To read more about the Green Door and its significance, go to Lainey’s essay here.

Rabin Gap, Georgia The Great ARTdoors Festival at the Hambidge Center
Sat. October 15, 10AM-5PM
105 Hambidge Court, Rabun Gap, GA 30568

Ithaca, New York H*ART*FEST Gathering at the Treman Center
Sat. October 22, 4PM-9PM
95 Hines Road, Newfield, NY 14867

Atlanta, Georgia Holiday Show at Lainey’s studio/home
Fri. & Sat. December 2 & 3, 12PM-4PM both days
1780 Marlbrook Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

If you can’t make these shows but want to see more, please visit For a private appointment for custom jewelry or RE-design, please call or email Lainey: (678) 662-6156 or

“Dancing before the Mystery” Abalone Pearl, Lab Grown Opal, 14KT yellow gold, sterling. $1050

“Rainy Day along the Creek” Pink Tourmaline, Peridot, Rainbow Hematite, sterling and 14KT. $800

Equinox Orbit Bracelet

Pink Tourmaline, Freshwater Pearls, Imperial Topaz, Cat’s Eye Mint Green Tourmaline, Pear Shaped Diamond, Bi-Color Tourmaline, 14KT White and Pink Gold. Designed by Lainey Papageorge, executed by Fareed Abdulky.

Equinox Orbit Bracelet 2016

The Autumnal Equinox is a date when the earth receives equal parts of light and dark when the sun is directly above the Equator. We enter a time of increasing dark hours each day moving toward the Winter Solstice. I celebrate this seasonal change as an opportunity to embrace the coming darkness with equanimity and positive possibilities.

Jane wanted a custom designed Orbit Bracelet and after inheriting her late mother’s dramatic pear shaped diamond ring and other pieces that were not her style she suggested selling them for credit toward the project. As we started to move forward I sensed her hesitation in selling the large diamond. Her mother had loved the diamond, but Jane had always thought that it looked harsh. When she asked me if I could transform the energy of the diamond into the orbit bracelet in a way that would feel beautiful and honor her mother, we both recognized an opportunity to embrace  this powerful maternal symbol. I then selected gems as companions to soften the pointy shape of the diamond and attune it to the gentle, brilliant painter/gardener/outdoor enthusiast that Jane is.

In Jane’s own words, “I absolutely love, love, love this. Each stone is amazing – and I’m thrilled that my mother’s diamond will be included and celebrated. The entire bracelet radiates light and warmth, happiness, a tribute.” Jane T. Portland, OR.

Please mark your calendars for Elaina Designs’ upcoming show dates:

Rabun Gap, Georgia The Great ARTdoors Festival at the Hambidge Center
Sat. October 15, 10AM-5PM
105 Hambidge Court, Rabun Gap, GA 30568

Ithaca, New York H*ART*FEST Gathering at the Treman Center
Sat. October 22, 4PM-9PM
95 Hines Road, Newfield, NY 14867

Atlanta, Georgia Holiday Show at Lainey’s studio/home
Fri. & Sat. December 2 & 3, 12PM-4PM both days
1780 Marlbrook Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Happy Equinox–

Tate’s Custom Orbit Necklace

Tate was given small, unmatched opals and diamonds from her beloved mother-in-law, Boo. She wanted an Orbit necklace that would be a standout statement suitable for day or nighttime wear, emitting the soft blue/green glow from the Australian opals. The choker needed a stunning focal point so I decided to shop for a large Opal at a reasonable price at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show last February. I selected this Ethiopian oval Opal, flanked it with Boo’s ten diamonds and accented the smaller orbits with tiny tanzanites to pull out the bluish/purple from each of the opals. Tate received the spectacular rolling flash Opal ring as a surprise birthday present from her husband, to create the perfect ensemble.
Happy summer from Ithaca! I hope to see you in the Fall–

A New Jewelry Wardrobe for Bennett

jewelry to be restyled copy

jewelry before restyle copy









Last summer, Bennett came to me with an ambitious pile of items she wanted to RE-design. We began by harvesting diamonds from an inherited platinum watch that show wanted to melt down. These diamonds were given new life in personal jewelry worth preserving, an in new items designed especially for her. We met over many months to make the best use of existing jewelry and to offset fabrication costs using her gold melt credit. In her own words, “What fun! Working with Lainey is a win-win situation.” Bennett now has a refreshed and sparkling collection to enjoy wearing for years to come and to pass down to her loved ones.

IMG_1076 copy IMG_1117 copy IMG_1338
IMG_1442 copy


Green Door Studio Show in Ithaca, NY

green door grounds










Opening Party Tonight, Friday, 5 – 8PM

Saturday 11AM – 4PM
167-1 Calkins Rd. Ithaca, NY 14850

Lainey invites you and your friends to experience dazzling new jewels and so much more: 
Enjoy a cocktail and tasty treats while strolling around the koi pond or kick off your shoes to soak in the warmth from the “yoga rock.” Enter the Green Door Studio & Gallery where attention to detail in every piece of jewelry glows. Enter an environment where the intimate wonders of the mineral kingdom bring joy just by looking or by purchasing a special piece for yourself or a loved one. 
Drop by, share the joy with Zoe, Lainey & David, and please forward this invitation to your friends! 

Please click on the corrected link to read the Green Door essay by Lainey. The door’s history is fascinating, from Lainey’s childhood discovery of its niche in a stone wall to the present day outdoor expansion of the Fernbank Natural History Museum in Atlanta, GA.


Green Door Series, Prehnite, Pearl, Tsavorite, 14K Rose Gold, Fine Silver Ring, size 8, $2100.


Pink Patsyite, Freshwater Pearl, Green Beryl, Watermelon Tourmaline slice & sterling bracelet, $1500.

Marine Diatom Cells Inspire Bracelet Design

Dear Friends,

I invite you to join me as I celebrate a new chapter of creative expression that will support me in a balanced way so that I may continue to show up for you at my very best. After 10 fantastic years, I am closing the Elaina Designs studio on Drewry Street at the end of October. Available by appointment only, I am delighted to work with you in Atlanta or Ithaca. The ED website and contact information will not change and amazing Aalia will continue to assist me.

As you may be aware, (more…)

Family Birthstone Jewelry

 Wearing Your Family Close to Your Heart 
Please take a look at recent custom jobs
using family birthstones and inherited gems. 

On a personal note, Lainey is still in recovery mode from recent foot surgery, but Aalia is back at work at Studio 8 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:30AM-3PM. Please call her at (404)216-6870 to drop off your repairs or pick up orders.

 Alexandrite, Pink Tourmaline, Diamond, Emerald, Cognac Diamonds, 14KT Yellow Gold.
Rupesh wanted to surprise Samantha with a Mother’s ring to commemorate their family using birthstones. We had to wait for their baby daughter to be born to determine whether she would be a May Emerald or another June Alexandrite like her father. She arrived right on time, and we selected (4) square cut gems of high color/clarity overlaid onto a line of fiery cognac diamonds. The effect is as dynamic as their young family, with each gem representing not only the month, but the personality of each family member.


Jan’s Chloe Hope Necklace

The “Chloe Hope” necklace named in honor of Jan’s grandmother.

“Lainey’s MOCA retrospective inspired me to meet with her to discuss the possibilities of restyling the family jewelry I inherited. Her creations all have a story to tell…so she interpreted my family story. The result is a beautiful orbit necklace with my mother’s and grandparents’ wedding sets, antique filigree pins, diamonds, and rubies from charm bracelets.  The loving memories of my dear mother and grandparents are embedded in this joyful necklace. My family’s own circle of life.” ~ Jan M., Atlanta

Click here to view a video of the design process.


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