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14KT Pink Gold & Sterling Orbit Bracelet combining heriloom gems with new stones for interest and color. 
Left: 14KT Gold, Hexagon Emerald & Boulder Opal Necklace
Right: Cuttlefish-Bone Pattern on Gold Plated Sterling accented with Red Spinel beads by Aalia Mujtaba
Salvaged gems from old rings nestled around Pink Freshwater Pearl, Sterling Pendant.
Dear Clients and Friends,
Elaina Designs enjoyed a bountiful year, thanks to support from YOU!  We created beautiful jewelry together; some of which is depicted in the custom order photos. Gold prices hover around 1650/ounce with silver at 30/ounce, continuing to make Precious Metal recycling a bargain. Round up your outdated, lost and broken jewelry, even if you are uncertain if it is valuable or not. Together we can explore the best options to refurbish the beauty you already have, and save money towards the cost of a new piece by integrating your old keepsakes.

We appreciate your patience, understanding and continuing support as we dealt with Lainey’s five serious upper respiratory infections that resulted in lost days at the Studio for weeks on end. Lainey is so much better and back at work to meet with you for your jewelry needs.  Please email or call first to make certain we are at Studio 8 in Atlanta to meet you.  Lainey’s cell # is (678) 662-6156 and Aalia’s cell is (404) 216-6870. Our regular studio hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30AM – 3PM, or by appointment all other days. As always we are updating our website with fresh designs hot off the bench, so check it out, or stop by with repairs or restringing needs.

Lainey’s Recovery
Here is a short synopsis of my condition if you care to read further, otherwise I hope to see you sometime soon as 2012 unfolds it’s mysteries.The prayers and concern from each of you are deeply appreciated as I received my first Immunoglobulin Transfusion on MLK day for Common Variable Immune Deficiency ( an awful state of being constantly sick because normal antibodies that fend off viruses and infections are not up to par.)  BUT as a result of this miracle transfusion, I once again feel my old vitality, even with a new sinus infection on top of the horrendous Pneumonia recovery. (Army of antibodies now fighting for me). Yahooooooooo!
As the nurse was putting in the intravenous needle (after 3x and a different vein, it finally went in…huge ouch.) To distract myself, I asked about the clear bottle of obviously packaged clear looking fluid I was about to receive. She explained that it takes 400 people donating blood to get 1gram of Human Immunoglobulin.  She said I needed 25 grams HI  based on my weight, which is then diluted and administered in clear plasma.  As she hooked up the first bottle, my befuddled math brain was flabbergasted and I had them all laughing as I pulled out my iPhone to make certain about the math. My calculations reveal that with each transfusion, I receive antibody bits of blood given by 10,000 people!!!!  Blows my mind every time I try to meditate on the enormity of what is now a part of me, and will be over the course of my lifetime if I receive these transfusions every four weeks as my immune condition dictates. I feel blessed to have this miraculous gift circulating within, from people I will never know.
Yours now more than ever,
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