24K Wedding Bands for a Solid Gold Couple

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These eco-friendly, edgy, elegant rings in 24 karat were hand made for a couple whose love spins pure gold. Alyssa dreamed in high karat gold. She imagined a ring that spoke of a devotion to earth’s organic textures and sky. Her fiancé, Jordan, a tall Texas transplant, wanted “a traditional looking, dome-top, dude-style ring in smooth 24K.”

Since they live in Ithaca and I was in Atlanta, we designed via text. The main challenge for this wedding set was to locate untreated tiny Turquoise nuggets from the American Southwest, not from China.

After several dead ends in pursuit of this Turquoise, I recalled an artisanal miner I had met in Tucson who had a cache of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise he mined during the 1970’s near Globe, Arizona. He sent me 13 nuggets that met our specifications for dynamic color and irregular, rugged contours. When the design was finalized, Alyssa messaged, “Lainey, even though I am very picky, you did it! You channeled something ancient for me, which is way cool in a ‘beyond space and time’ kinda of way. Your intuition and sensitivity to the unspoken is a magical element in your design process. Thank you so much! I’m in awe!!!”

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