Natalie Gets a State-of-the-Art Diamond

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Natalie Gets a State-of-the-Art Diamond

Asscher Cut laboratory grown Diamond semi bezel set
with (9) natural diamonds set in platinum.

Natalie and Matthew recently celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary and she inquired about an upgrade to her original engagement ring that had lost its center diamond. Their primary concern for this important purchase was insuring transparency in the mine-to-market supply chain for natural diamonds. Though all dealers who sell diamonds mined from the earth are eager to provide paper certificates stating fair trade, sustainable sourcing, etc.,. it is impossible to know for certain what activities these enormous overseas diamond conglomerates fund. Block-chain technology that is in its development stage promises to offer secure documentation on each individual diamond, but it’s not available yet.
So today, how do I provide my trusting clients with a quality diamond worthy of their ethics and principles? I suggested a Laboratory Grown Diamond.

Lab grown diamonds are made of the same material as natural diamonds—pure carbon, crystallized in an isotropic 3D form. Simulated diamonds such cubic zirconia (CZ), Moissanite, and YAG, though having similar optical properties, do not have the same physical or chemical properties that a diamond has. Laboratory grown diamonds can match the optical properties of the finest earth mined diamonds in clarity, white color, and transparency and they all have the same properties of hardness, thermal conductivity, and electron mobility in naturally formed diamonds.

Natalie fell in love with the “infinity mirrors” effect that an Asscher cut presents and wanted a 2ct stone to achieve the full effect!  Though it’s still difficult to grow large, clear, white diamond crystals in a laboratory, this one met our criteria and exceeded all expectations for beauty. The simple Platinum setting features Natalie’s (9) original earth mined diamonds beside the 2 CT state-of-the-art, “real” diamond.  Natalie says she loves everything about this ring: it’s simple geometry, how it feels on her hand, its representation of her love for Matthew, and the story behind sourcing it.


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