A Talisman for Transformation

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In the depths of the psyche, anyone’s psyche, there is a desire for transformation. The initiation for transformation means that as one thing passes, another thing comes to life.  The present pandemic has forced everyone into this crisis that will ultimately transform us. The question is, what will we bring to life?  The answer will be different for each of us, yet worthy of our attention.

A few weeks before the quarantine, Michael Burton entrusted me with his 93-year-old mother’s Diamond solitaire wedding ring. She had worn it for 70 years and when she died in his arms, he moved it from her finger to a chain around his neck. Grieving through the design process, he decided upon a solid 18K cross. Though not a devout man, the equilateral, star-like shape spoke to Michael. We flush-set his mother’s Diamond into the center, and used the gold from her old ring to create the hanger/bail.

Since prehistoric times, two lines drawn at right angles have represented a kind of crossroads, depicting energy going out from one’s center, equally towards the four directions. The love from his mother remains at Michael’s center, the cross a solo journey from which he is discovering his new life.

Creating a talisman can guide you on your own journey of transformation. After designing jewelry for nearly five decades, I am pretty good at distilling your thoughts into a small, precious object that appeals to all senses and provides you with grace and gravitas.

I am grounded in Ithaca, NY but can work with you virtually, from anywhere.

Live Love,

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