Bright Spring and Symbols of Love 4-12-10

 In Inspiration

I feel happy, alive and full of a ripeness that is warm and intoxicating in the best sense of the word. Atlanta this spring, maybe because it took so long to get here… seems especially luscious and plush. It looks the way I imagine the world might appear if I was dying, and wanted to recall each detail of this beautiful life. Every blossom, a clear ray of intensely colored light.

This is what I seek to capture in the jewels I select for my designs.


Azella Be-Jewelled hues in orange, pink and ruby red, sparkle-a-plenty in the tiny rubies, Apricot colored Spessartite garnet and Pink Sapphire, inset in these new sleek 14kt white gold, pink and yellow gold Earring Huggies, and Wafer-thin Rings. They can be worn alone or with the new line of Earring Jackets I have been making for the past year. I call them “Compatibles”, meaning they sing separately, or in unison.

Often I am blown away by the play of color in gemstones like you see in this new Boulder Opal Pendant accented by a tiny emerald hexagon. But it is not often that I sigh, “Ahh Hahhhh” when I look at a new piece of jewelry that has just been completed. And I do, each time I peer at the brand new “Love Stack Rings”. They are bright, playful, and offer a juxtaposition of motion that is not often capable in Fine Jewelry. I look forward to customers bringing in their own gems, and allowing me to make these new rings.

Relationship Spin Pendant:

I wear mine all the time with two Tourmalines set back to back that spin on a single axis. One side features a Light Green Catseye Tourmaline, like the green eyes of my Beloved, on the other side, is a smaller Catseye Tourmaline with bi-colored heart colors of pink and green. The Pendant opens like a locket, and on the inside, there is a hand-engraved symbol from the heavens, present in the Atlanta sky during a Lunar Eclipse in 2008 when we fell deeply in love.

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