Crowning Glory for Chloe

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Oren asked me to create a ring for his 15 year old daughter, Chloe, by incorporating the simple gold bands that both of her parents wore, until her mother’s traumatic death last summer. Chloe and I worked together on the crown design motif, chosen because in her father’s words, “Chloe was the crowning glory in our marriage.” Her mother’s ring was retooled into thin strips of wire to create the filigree top that encircles three diamonds as symbols for the three members of her family. One half of her father’s band was left untouched and one half was carved into feminine, scalloped edges. Chloe says, “I love to feel my father’s original band, then admire the swirling beauty on top.” It was an honor to work with this brilliant teenager, as she heals on her journey into womanhood.

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