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 Wearing Your Family Close to Your Heart 
Please take a look at recent custom jobs
using family birthstones and inherited gems. 

On a personal note, Lainey is still in recovery mode from recent foot surgery, but Aalia is back at work at Studio 8 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:30AM-3PM. Please call her at (404)216-6870 to drop off your repairs or pick up orders.

 Alexandrite, Pink Tourmaline, Diamond, Emerald, Cognac Diamonds, 14KT Yellow Gold.
Rupesh wanted to surprise Samantha with a Mother’s ring to commemorate their family using birthstones. We had to wait for their baby daughter to be born to determine whether she would be a May Emerald or another June Alexandrite like her father. She arrived right on time, and we selected (4) square cut gems of high color/clarity overlaid onto a line of fiery cognac diamonds. The effect is as dynamic as their young family, with each gem representing not only the month, but the personality of each family member.

Garnet, Diamond, Mabe Pearl, Blue Sapphires, Boulder Opal, 14KT Yellow Gold

Karen inherited her mother’s diamond and mabe pearl and wanted to incorporate these stones into a pendant, using the birthstones for herself, her husband and two daughters. When I placed it around her neck, she was overcome with emotion and later wrote this to me: 
“I feel so immensely awed and grateful for your beautiful work and loving spirit. I have never had such a stunning piece of jewelry and treasure it. Part of the beauty and value comes from the process of working with you and your passion and warmth. So, thank you, Lainey…” ~ Karen G., Ithaca, NY.

Spessartite, Turquoise, Black Star Sapphire, Garnet, Black Diamond, 14KT Pink Gold, Sterling. 

Ellen envisioned a cuff bracelet to capture the molten energy of a volcano creating fresh landscapes, much as she, as a mother had given birth and raised two sons to manhood. We used stones from jewelry she no longer wore and added birth gems to match each family member. What emerged is a bracelet that elegantly wraps her wrist with beauty and personal meaning.

Stay tuned for further updates on healing & creative pursuits!

Love– Lainey

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