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Please mark your calendars for the 
Green Door Barn Studio Show & Sale
167-1 Calkins Rd. Ithaca, 14850
June 11-14, 11AM-4PM and June 15 &16 by appointment only
Please contact Lainey at 678-662-6156 or email

These clients brought gemstones they had kept for years, received as a gift or purchased as a long term investment. What you might not know, is that natural colored gems are gaining value in a market where demand is now exceeding supply. What might you have that begs for the light of day?

Steve received this lovely 2.35ct aquamarine from a friend who was traveling in Brazil. He chose emerald cut diamonds set in 14KT white and yellow gold for a masculine and tailored ring that he could wear to work. I hadn’t seen Steve in 17 years, since he used to shop at Illumina and we were both thrilled to reconnect.
Designed by Lainey Papageorge and handmade by F.M. Abdulky.

This rare 8.87ct Black Opal from Lighting Ridge, Australia was purchased about 20 years ago but never set. Its value increased four times over while sitting in a box. Happily, both sides of this astounding stone are on view as it spins in a simple 18KT rose and yellow gold setting, delighting both wearer and viewer. Under a microscope, tiny spherules of silica stack up like a heap of ping pong balls. At just the right refraction of light the different size spherules break up into different spectral colors, red being the most rare.
Designed by Lainey Papageorge and handmade by F.M. Abdulky.
Laura had diamonds in a little plastic bag that she kept in her jewelry box. For an understated look, we selected a .33ct diamond to be set in a white gold bezel so it wouldn’t tarnish and set it into an earthy, reticulated silver band. We also made reticulated bangles that were reminiscent of bracelets she wore as a teenager. These are pieces Laura can wear to school everyday for a casual and eclectic look.
Designed by Lainey Papageorge and handmade by T. Shoemaker.
This will be my last show for the summer as I’ll be having bunion surgery on my foot July 1. The Atlanta studio will be closed for all of July. Lainey and Aalia are available to meet you by appointment. Please call or email Lainey at (678) 662-6156 or email at Aalia’s cell is (404) 216-6870.

Have a safe and happy summer!



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