Inspiration for Father’s Day

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My Papa’s exquisite sense of rhythm inspires me. I believe that it is because of him that I keenly recognize the tempo in nature, music or while dancing to the beat as he taught me to do. With a joyous attitude, he turns 99 in September 2011 and is still able to move freely about in this glorious planet.

As evening descends on my NY barn studio, I listen to the frog chorus and watch the mating fireflies perform a spectacular light show. Hundreds of blinking and aural cadences bring shapes and possible gemstone arrangements to my mind’s eye.

Deep gratitude floods over me for my Papa who taught me not only to swim and to dance, but to listen, observe and create rhythmic beauty in  everyday life. At its best, my jewelry is flooded with this resonance.

When I surprised him last week with a visit with two of his grandchildren, Orion and Zoe, he was already dressed for bed but totally up for it. After three hours of eating and talking with Zoe and Orion, we headed home.

The car radio was on loud so he could hear it. He smiled and said, “I love listening to all these modern songs and remembering all the wonderful food we ate tonight. America is just the best place to live!”

His fingers and head tapped the beat in perfect unison, as we enjoyed the ride back to his assisted living facility.

With joie de vivre, I know how blessed I am to be able to celebrate Father’s Day with my dearest Papa.

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Boulder Opal & Reticulated Silver Cufflinks with Old Fashioned Pedestal Backs, $1100

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