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“Lunar Night” NecklaceLapis Lazuli, Pyrite Fossils, Rainbow Hematite & Fat Pearls whispered full moon breath over the Alaskan fiords, and spun themselves into an orbit necklace. Sterling, 17″. $1800.00
Dear Clients & Friends (one and the same),
The show at the High Museum was a success on December 3rd, but the following Tuesday I suddenly became quite ill with high fever and heavy chest pain. Recently, I had become aware that my immune system was not functioning properly, but had hoped to stagger through the holidays. Instead nasty pneumonia hit me hard, with yet another lung problem for the fifth time in this calendar year alone. This is the result of a serious condition called ‘Common Variable Immune Deficiency’ from which I have suffered, unknown to me for 30 years.
So this is a hard message to write, because I am writing to say I cannot meet with you in person until January 11, 2012 though I am woking closely with Studio 8 by email, phone and Skype to make certain Elaina Designs continues to serve your needs this season. I hate it, because I love the holidays, and the chance to see or talk to all of you. Surrendering to this new discipline of rest is tender, because I design all year to make certain that my inventory is at its best right now and that there is enough selection right up to the end. And it is great this year!
You may be unaware, but as an artist, I hold many of you as models in my mind’s eye as I design and purchase colored gems and pearls throughout the year. So, missing your delight when you actually return again to purchase is difficult for both of us, because you are part of the ongoing creative process.  Being present to serve you, and marveling at the wonders of the mineral kingdom to be re-invented from your heirloom jewelry, or finding that perfect stone that squeals, “Ah ha” for your loved one makes my heart sing. I miss you. The illuminating aspect is that Aalia and I have become a team, and if any of you need my input, I am here for you, through the wonders of technology.

Elaina Designs is definitely open for Holiday drop-in shopping Monday through Saturday 10-4PM closing Dec 23-25.  The week after, we are happy to meet with you for returns, or shopping, but by appointment only Dec 26-Jan 11. Please call the office, or Aalia’s cell phone 404-216-6870, to arrange an appointment.

My plan is to be well by 1-11-12, on the second Wednesday in January. On Dec. 28, I receive the first intravenous transfusion of immunoglobulins that will begin to rebuild my puny antibody army that should be trained to fight off colds, viruses, bacteria and parasites. It is a transfusion of blood but without the red part, and will empower the return of strength and stamina. Yahoo, I am lined up for a miracle! One important lesson this sickness has proven is that with technology and a gifted assistant, I can work on many aspects of jewelry from the safety of my microbe-free home.  And bask in the love.

I want to share my latest designs which flowed from high levels of creative energy and delightfully deligent hard work this past fall.  These particular pieces emerged in a stream from a number of muse-lit late nighters and weekends as I pondered, and poked through the glittering minerals and jewels. “Okay now, who wants to come forth, and who wants to be with whom?”

“Practicing the Art of Lightness” Necklace Baroque Pearls, Tourmaline, Hematite, Pink Spinel. A dance across  my Ithaca Pond seen through the early morning mist. 14KT Pink Gold, Sterling, 17.5″, $2300.
“Rainbow Diva” Pendant: Watermelon Tourmaline, Pink Spinel, Rainbow Hematite. She emanated prismatic colors from her complex watermelon tourmaline head, so I gave her an iron strong body with attitude. 14KT Pink Gold, 14KT Green Gold, Sterling. $800.00
“IcyBlueBerg” Earrings:  Blue Zircon and Moonstone Earrings that evoke translucent turquoise icebergs floating in the aftermath of a huge glacial sigh. Sterling, $525.00

“Bathed In Pink” Bracelet: Patsyite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Golden Beryl, Pearl. Inspired by Ann Schnur (first wife to our beloved husband David,) on what would have been her 64th birthday. Four years ago, she had requested to be “bathed in pink jewels”. This tribute to her is the third bracelet in this series, and the first that is not a commission. Sterling, 7″, $3000.
That’s it for now. Make Merry.
Signing off feeling merrier than you might imagine.


“The aim is not to be healthy, but to practice the art of Lightness.” quote by Susan Alexjander, Composer/Artist
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