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Very cool Fractal Quartz with Dendritic inclusions of Hematite.

Like the arteries in our veins and the bare branches outside my window, dendrites form exactly the same way as a trace element in the Quartz host.

Tree branches in a swamp in south Florida

A woman’s refurbished wedding diamond and two daughter diamonds, 14K White Gold Sculpted Ring.
This client is no longer married and has two daughters who are very different. The arrangement of the diamonds around the center oval diamond reflects their commitment to be separate yet close to their mother and a tight family unit. She cried when she tried it on for the first time.

Pinkish-orange color that defies description, but is classified as a rare Padparadscha Sapphire. The center Sapphire is from Sri Lanka, and the surrounding Sapphires are from Montana set in 14K Pink Gold.

This wedding ring just got shipped to Puerto Rico for nuptials this Saturday. In the sun, it flashes both orange and pink like sunset on a large body of water. I had quite a challenge in Tucson to find gems in her budget of $2000 for the total ring. But I did it, and it is stunning!
sunset at Grayton Beach, Florida

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“Mountains High, Oceans Deep”
Boulder Opal and Blue Tourmaline on Hand-engraved Silver Band
My daughter Alex is in New Zealand (check out her blog at and swims in volcanic lakes and the ocean daily. I miss her.

Alex and Mom the day before she left … for who knows how long.

“Longing for Spring” Orbit Bracelet.
Wow, Atlanta has had the coldest winter on record. There are no flowers, and it is cold! It is the beginning of March, where is Spring? I decided to make a bracelet with warmth and brightness, with the kiss of Winter and the promise of Spring.

Atlanta Winter Storm Love Seat

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