LoveLocket Celebrates 35 Years of Marriage

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Joanne and Corky recently celebrated 35 years of marriage and requested this 14K handmade “Love Locket” to commemorate their anniversary. They selected two gems in colors they favored, that also reflect their eyes: Aquamarine for her blue and rare Diopside for his green. Like all relationships, the locket is complicated…two gems form a union, spin on an axis, and hinge open. The interior of this tiny piece of art reveals the mastery of hand engraver, John Franciscus, with a message and symbols chosen by Joanne and Corky:  “Of all the fishes in the sea” and two fish. The result is a contemporary, sculptural heirloom that will be worn and loved.


This is the fourth spinning Love Locket I’ve created over the past 10 years, beginning with the one I made for myself when David Hudson and I first fell in love. All four have been handmade by fine jewelry craftsmen in Atlanta. It is an intriguing piece of art jewelry that always reflects the people it’s made for.

With love and gratitude,


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