Marine Diatom Cells Inspire Bracelet Design

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Dear Friends,

I invite you to join me as I celebrate a new chapter of creative expression that will support me in a balanced way so that I may continue to show up for you at my very best. After 10 fantastic years, I am closing the Elaina Designs studio on Drewry Street at the end of October. Available by appointment only, I am delighted to work with you in Atlanta or Ithaca. The ED website and contact information will not change and amazing Aalia will continue to assist me.

As you may be aware, I have been dealing with the ongoing impact from foot surgery this past summer, thus I will not be joining Mednikow this fall as previously announced. I deeply appreciate the gracious way in which the folks at Mednikow have supported me throughout this period and look forward to a lasting relationship with them, however we have mutually agreed that my full recovery should be my first priority at this time.

Although there are no plans for a show this season, my new collection is available for sale by appointment. Please call, text or email me: 678-662-6156 or

My passion is the collaborative process of custom design. Below is a RE-design bracelet commissioned by my sister-in-law, Trish, from a pile of jewelry she no longer wore.

For the love of stones,


The Hudson wives designing together at our annual Sibling Soiree.
The bracelet design was inspired by these actual marine diatom cells (Rhizosolenia setigera) which are an important group of phytoplankton in the oceans, now at risk.
By incorporating diamond links from a previous bracelet, Trish saves money while keeping the sentiment from a sister-in-law who had passed. Her husband Gary, had given her the other gemstones in various jewelry over the years and she had worn them lovingly, but she wanted a change. The bracelet becomes a celebration for the microscopic beings that radiate energy for all life.
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