New Diamond Star 10-25-10

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10-23-10 Musings from my sick bed: Laid up for two weeks from emergency gall bladder surgery on 11-20-10.

The Diamond Star! The model photo supposedly depicts how some white dwarf stars in our galaxy appear after they have burned up all of their hydrogen and are left with only carbon….A massively dense, solid pure diamond, refracting every color of the spectrum as light, passing through eons of space back to the Hubble telescope turning as a satellite within our solar system.   I have also read that other planets outside our solar system which Hubble has located with its giant lens, possibly rain corundum or ruby and sapphire droplets instead of water, as all of their CO2 has been consumed.  I wonder if it rains every color of sapphire, or only blue?

Held last weekend amid the lovely fall colors in the Finger Lakes, the Ithaca Jewelry show was incredible, with a splendid turnout. Many jewelesque beauties walked out on their chosen human form.   A resounding thank you to all friends and new clients who came and bought, ordered and restyled their old pieces.  Without the astute help from my assistant, Sarah Puerto and her partner, Thomas Lodato who accompanied me from Atlanta, and my husband, David Hudson, I could not have mounted the show, arranged the party, and taken it down and carried it back home! ” We get by with a little help from our friends.”

This week, Oct 23-30, the Nina McLemore/Elaina Designs Trunk show IS in full swing in Vinings, GA .  The exquisitely styled sweater & jacket combos come in  delectable weaves, with tasty colors, with jewelry to accent. Please feel free to drop by or call for directions, though I cannot be present.

Sandra Blalock, 770-434-4399,   3013 Ranch Road, Atlanta, GA 30339

During the Ithaca show I was aware of a little discomfort, but more distressing was fleeting sleep as a result of sudden, stabbing pain.  I flew from  Ithaca, straight to the hospital in fairly acute pain with my second attack in 4 years, and fully aware, singing “Happy Trails, GB, to never meet again…”.  Apparently I am one of those poor 10% whose GB does not process or store cholesterol well enough, thus it turns to sludge, then little stones.  Happily I am now recuperating sans GB, with four small incisions, and hope to be back at work by Nov 1. In the meantime, Sarah, Thomas and I are working on the new Elaina Designs website, up and running by November 20, with a reformatted, mobile version as well.  The new site should be easier to navigate, and for those of you who desire, to purchase online year round.

My most extravagant Jewelry feast of the season is coming up Nov 5-6 at the home of:

Laura and Larry Kelly, 875 Crest Valley Drive NW. 404-256-4297. Opening party with tasty food and drink on Friday night Nov 5, 7-9PM continuing Saturday Nov 6, 11am-4pm.

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