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Lucinda Bunnen and Virginia Schenck are women who contribute to our fabric of cultural/social awareness. Lucinda is an ‘intrepid’ photographer and philanthropist who supports both artists and institutions around the globe. Virginia as a singer and vocal improvisation artist with three albums to her name. These women pump a dynamic signature on all that they touch and they wear talismans to empower their own energetic presence. I am honored that these Elaina Designs bracelets have become a part of their creative force for good in the world.


Photo of Lucinda Bunnen by Sara Hanna for Simply Buckhead

Sterling and 14K Bracelet with bronze natural color Puddle Pearl, Oregon Sunstone, Yellow Zircon, Ruby accents. 

After the death of my beloved Papa in 2013, I visited Hawaii’s Big Island and designed this bracelet while there. I was blown away by moon glow on the lava bubbling through the crater at Kilauea before its 2018 eruption. This bracelet tried to connect my deep love with the majestic fragility of all life. Imagine my wonder when Lucinda Bunnen selected it from a show years later at The Green Door Studio during an Ithaca visit. That she would choose this particular piece, not knowing its provenance, then choose to wear it for her photo feature in Simply Buckhead Magazine; “Bold Women Of Buckhead” brought tears to my eyes. In Lucinda’s words: “Being a bold woman means doing things you have dreamed up that other women haven’t dared to do.”


Photo of Virginia Schenck by Michael Boatright Photography
14kt Gold Snake hand forged and engraved, Indicolite eyes. 

In ancient text, Kundalini is a form of divine, feminine energy coiled at the base of our spine, often symbolized by the snake. Through spiritual practice, or as a result of profound life events, Kundalini uncoils upward, awakening one’s creative forces. Virginia had a dream about energy coiling up her arm into her throat, helping to send her voice out. She felt this as a potent sign of Kundalini Rising. She commissioned me to interpret her dream into reality. We had several fittings using a copper wire model, then solid 14K wire was used for the final design. I recently heard her perform at Fernbank Planetarium to celebrate the 2018 Winter Solstice. WOW! Check out her website www.virginiaschenck.com to find events for a keen and dynamic listening experience.

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