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You may have an idea for a magnificent piece of jewelry for a special occasion or perhaps you’d like to repurpose your mother’s jewelry into a fabulous piece to remember her by. Whatever inspires you, I’ll listen, and together we can articulate your design, while honoring your budget.

My studio will then marry the finest gems or diamonds with the highest standard of gold smithing to create a piece to cherish for a lifetime.

Tell me what you’re dreaming of.

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Lainey and gem resonance

Gem Resonance Sessions

Almost 50 years of jewelry design and gem collecting have attuned me to the natural vibrations of density, shape, and color in gemstones. Many of my designs center on bringing aesthetic and elemental harmony to a family of jewels in a single piece.

My hope is that the compositions of color and light that I create is ‘understood’ within each bio-modulating cell of the wearer, opening pathways to reduce anxiety and deepen intuition and clarity.

Gem Resonance sessions involve a consultation with an individualized crystal layout in which my clients experience deep, trance-like meditation. The simple harmonics of color, light and perhaps a sound that is felt rather than heard, come into play to bring one home to their own intelligent inner light.

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To schedule a private Gem Resonance session or workshop please call, text or email Lainey.

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Upcoming Gem Resonance workshops are listed on our Event page.

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