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“Gold and silver finely laid, broken keepsakes with care remade with love and skill and gentle hands, such stuff as dreams are made on…”


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Lainey Papageorge
A Retrospective
40 years of jewelry design
The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia

Specializing in Custom Jewelry and RE-Design

An Upper-Arm Snake Cuff for a Vocal Artist


In ancient text, Kundalini is a form of divine, feminine energy coiled at the base of our spine, often symbolized by the snake. Through spiritual practice or as a result of profound life events, Kundalini uncoils upward, awakening one’s creative forces. Virginia, a vocal artist,  had a dream about energy coiling up her arm into her throat, helping to send her voice out. She felt this as a potent sign of Kundalini Rising. She commissioned me to interpret her dream into reality. We had several fittings using a copper wire model then 14K gold wire ad indicolites was used for the final design.

Bennett’s Redesigned Jewelry Wardrobe

Bennett came to me with an ambitious pile of items she wanted to RE-design. We began by harvesting diamonds from an inherited platinum watch that she wanted to melt down. These diamonds were given new life in personal jewelry worth preserving, and in new items designed especially for her.

We met over many months to make the best use of existing jewelry and to offset fabrication costs using her gold melt credit. Bennett now has a refreshed and sparkling collection  to enjoy wearing for years to come and to pass down to her loved ones.

“What fun! Working with Lainey is a win-win situation.”

– BF, Atlanta


The Earth Is My Inspiration and My Teacher; She Is Also My Responsibility.

I purchase consciously mined stones and recycle old jewelry whenever possible.  I bring Her lessons to my designs and this bares the soul of my jewelry.  Each piece is unique, crafted by hand, with the aid of sophisticated technology.  Fluid lines and attention to detail are in service to the creation of jewelry which is comfortable on the body it was made for, and the ones who will enjoy it for generations to come.

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