Atlanta Trunk Show this Sunday, 5/21/23

“Rosey Glow on the Snow” earrings: Rhodochrosite, Sapphire, Petal Pearls, 14KP. $2700
“Apex and Hexagram” earrings: Amethyst, Rhodolite Garnet, Sterling. $1540
Sugelite, Royal Lazel, 14KY. $1630.
“Dancing Ladies” earrings: Pink and Watermelon Tourmaline, Pearl, 14KP, 14KG. $1800. 

These earrings celebrate the colors that burst forth from our earth during the spring and summer seasons. My recent work features rich and harmonious natural gem combinations and I can’t wait to share these with you. It’s been three years since I moved to Ithaca and I miss my Atlanta community! I hope to see you at my One Day Pop Up Show in Ansley Park at 66 Golf Circle, Atlanta, 30309

Please note the change in hours:
Sunday, May 21, 12-4PM, Pop Up open to the public
Monday, May 22 – Friday May 26, by appointment only. Please text or call to schedule (678) 662-6156. Shop online anytime www.elainadesigns.com follow me on Instagram: @elainadesigns

I look forward to seeing you!



Rich and Adam’s Wedding Rings

Rich and Adam had already shared ten years of happily married bliss, having met at CDC in Atlanta where they both work and fell in love. Referred to me by mutual friends, we scheduled a meeting at their Peachtree Hills bungalow to discuss options for their first custom wedding bands. Meeting them in person allowed me to study their hands and get a feel for who they are as a couple and as individuals.

They had no idea what they wanted but Rich had inherited traditional 14K jewelry from his mother. It took a while to find the right combination of gems that would make him happy to wear & to gaze upon. Adam only had one desire: to incorporate a section of his Father’s well-worn Native American Turquoise and Coral inlaid ring.

This in-depth collaborative creative process between Rich, Adam, Fareed and I took about three months from its inception to completion. The family history set within the soft geometry of sturdy white gold bands symbolize that which Rich and Adam cherish and want to protect most. Matching diamonds were flush set into the back of each ring to symbolize their private, luminous love for one another. Working with them has been a creative treat for me.

I’m in Ithaca these days trying to embody this strange winter with its powerful atmospheric rivers, out of control tick populations, and short days of light. I will return to Atlanta  at the beginning of February. Please call or text me at 678-662-6156 if you desire an in-person appointment.

Faithfully Yours,




Winter Solstice “Teapot” 2022

On the darkest night, the brightest stars shine.

The teapot shaped asterism within the Sagittarius constellation inspired Sarah to request a “Teapot” necklace. Sarah has a Sagittarius birthday, is an avid ceramics collector, and teapot connoisseur. We extracted diamonds from a white gold stacking ring she no longer wore, melted the ring, then forged it into wire. The bezel set diamonds served as the stars, and in our Atlanta workshop we made a tiny replica of something enormous.

Pour some holiday light from your inner teapot and have a blessed Winter Solstice. Thank you for your loyal support — it means so much this day and every day for the past 49 years.

Seek within, become the Light,


Atlanta Appointments Available

A resounding thank you to the amazing turnout and purchases made at the MAGG (Metal Arts Guild of Georgia Metalsmith’s Guild) show. I was thrilled to see everyone after such a long dry spell. Your presences lifted me up, as I hope the jewelry will continue to do for you.

My jewelry collection is now available for private browsing in the comfort of my cousin’s home in the Virginia Highland area of NE Atlanta. Please text or call for an appointment through Dec 9, or online anytime: 678-662-6156. Free gift wrapping as always! Also shop online at www.elainadesigns.com.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving,


Jewelry Show & Sale in Atlanta, Nov. 12

Three years with no show in Atlanta, “but the times they are a-changin’.” I’m returning to Atlanta in November for six weeks and I’m thrilled to exhibit at the Metal Arts Guild of Georgia (MAGG) Jewelry Show and Sale, Saturday, November 12, 10AM – 5PM.

Briarcliff Woods Beach Club
1830 Morris Landers Drive NE
Atlanta, GA  30345

Parking is free and it’s easy to find, I hope to see you there!

Please call, text or email me (678) 662-6156, lp@elainadesigns.com to make private appointments for shopping, repairs, or custom consultation.  Browse or shop my updated website, www.elainadesigns.com. 


Transformation Ring: reconfigured, weathered conch shell core cast in sterling, $300.
Tahitian Pearl Necklace: 15mm-17mm jumbo pearls with white rhodium magnetic clasp, 20″ long, $2000. 

Lavendar Pearl Necklace: 11-14mm jumbo pearls with rose gold vermeil clasp, 20″ long, $1700. 

Bi-Color Tourmaline Crystal Earrings: 14KY, $550.
Angelwing Ring: reconfigured shell shard cast in sterling with custom-cut, seven-sided Fibrolite & Blue Diamond. Size 8.5, $1500. 


“Primal Face” bolo tie or wrapped bracelet: Carved face in fossilized wood, black Opal, Boulder Opal, leather, sterling, $950.
Aquamarine, Amazonite & Apatite threader earrings: sterling, $85.

Blazing with color,



Fall Shows and Wedding Bands for Working Hands

Bronwyn and Bob work with the earth each day, she as a potter and he as an organic farmer. Their noble professions inspired the creation of two organic 18K sculptures for wedding bands. Not identical yet arising from their shared identity in coaxing nourishment and beauty from soil and clay, the rings had to be comfortable and durable. I wanted to illuminate the rugged beauty of their working hands, united in doing what they love.

I’m excited to be returning to in-person shows in both Ithaca and Atlanta. For Holiday custom orders please contact me for appointments as soon as possible (678) 662-6156 or lp@elainadesigns.com. Please mark the following dates on your calendar for the opportunity to shop my new collections in person.

Greater Ithaca Art Trail
Open Studio Weekends: October 8th, 9th, 15th, & 16th, 11AM-5PM each day
at Lainey’s Green Door Studio

Metal Arts Guild of Georgia (MAGG) Annual Jewelry Show:
Saturday, November 12, 10AM-5PM
Briarcliff Woods Beach Club, 1830 Morris Landers Dr. Atlanta, 30345

Celebrating fall colors and hoping to see you soon,


First Saturday, August 6, Greater Ithaca Art Trail

The Green Door Studio will be open for in-person visitors this coming Saturday during the “First Saturday Greater Ithaca Art Trail”, August 6, 11- 4PM. Please click on the link for a list of participating artists and studio tour map.

The landscape around my Ithaca studio and my unusual gemstone collection conspire to inspire my designs. When I complete a new series of work, I delight in watching how my clients respond to it. When a piece of jewelry finds its new home, my creative cycle with it concludes and a new one, with the wearer, begins. I take great joy being a part of and witness to this process.  I hope you have an opportunity this Saturday to come by the Green Door Studio to experience my creative space and the latest collection.


In efforts to continue to sell my designs despite COVID’s clever permutations and to invite my Georgia to Alaska client base into my Green Door Studio, I will a be hosting weekly Zoom shows of select pieces on Mondays from 2 – 3PM, EST. Please contact me if you’re interested and I’ll send you a Zoom link invite or schedule a FaceTime call at your convenience at lp@elainadesigns.com or (678) 662-6156.

In Nature We Trust,


Embody the Light You Cannot See


Stephan’s Quintet within the constellation Pegasus, as captured by infrared camera eyes on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. For more information abut this fascinating telescope, check out this great documentary on YouTube.

The galaxy clusters in Stephan’s Quintet is populated by trillions of stars and untold planets pulled inexorably by massive black holes that do not register light and cannot be seen by the telescope or any existing technology. A black hole is an unseen force pulling on these galactic entities, shaping them, making them collide, spin apart, and coalesce around their own gravitational densities.

I say, BE like the Black Hole and all its light that cannot be seen: your love, your outrage, your compassion may feel inadequate but it nevertheless has tremendous effects. We are the root systems of the soil/soul, supporting, nurturing, protecting all that we cherish and hold dear. I see similarities in human nature as power and greed coalesce to control us with separate countries, states, borders, laws, assault weapons, and bans on 1/2 of the population. The greater force, like the black hole, is love and compassion which cannot always be seen or measured.

In the meantime, immerse yourself in beauty and compassion; wear it, speak it, sing it, plant it, and do good works. Manifest that, which before you, could not be seen.

Larri Richmond commissioned these star-set Ruby and Diamond rings made from repurposed antique button hole covers.  Larri is a retired homeopath and vision therapist, wife, mother, and avid hiker. 

Spiral Orbit Earrings and Orbit Necklace with mixed gems on Yum Arnold. Price upon request. Yum and Ross Arnold are Atlanta art lovers and collectors of Elaina Designs jewelry for over 40 years. 

Lance and Kendra Birdsall work with native plants to promote healing of spirit and planet alike. Their wedding rings feature a vine/root motif that intertwine around orange garnet, a symbol of our radiant sun that nurtures all life, and their love.

Mother’s Hoop Earrings with Birthstones

Kelley Granish envisioned large hoop earrings to feature the birthstones for herself, kids, and husband: Aquamarine, Amethyst, Ruby. Contemplating the best use of gems for this delicate hoop design, I decided to graduate both size and hue intensity for the 28 colored gemstones. In yet another engineering masterpiece, Fareed made the hoop structure using 14K white gold wire — a metal known for its tensile strength. He threaded the wire through precision-placed holes in the 14K rose gold bezel walls, creating a perfect arc of color, lightness, and strength.  Kelley competes in triathalons and the design is made to fit her rugged lifestyle, or a night out with Matt.

Fill your lives with color and celebrate all those spectacular Moms out there!

Our children are the best part of our story,

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