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Pearl, the June Birthstone

June Birthstone: PEARL

Above: Sold pins/pendants and custom necklace and enhancer

Elaina Designs has long connected with dealers from all over the world in search of rare and unusual high quality pearls to use in our fine art jewelry. China produces 75% of the world’s freshwater pearls and with the recent Chinese import tariffs rising to 25%, the price for this beautiful material will also increase in response. However, we are not yet adjusting our pricing! There are several items in our showroom that incorporate gorgeous, lustrous pearl: the June birthstone. Our Atlanta showroom is open this summer by appointment while our online shop is open all the time! Please call or email Lainey to make an in-person appointment (678) 662-6156 or Or visit

Copper Pearl set in 14K rose gold and sterling filigree band, size 7.25, $1250

Golden and Pink Coin Pearl Earrings with Morganite and rose cut sapphires. Sterling omega backs, $2800

“Super Moon” silver pendant with Inclusionary Quartz, natural color petal pearl, champagne diamond. $1050
Photographed on faceted white sapphire necklace with 14K & Diamond clasp, 17″, $800. 



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Natalie Gets a State-of-the-Art Diamond

Natalie Gets a State-of-the-Art Diamond

Asscher Cut laboratory grown Diamond semi bezel set
with (9) natural diamonds set in platinum.

Natalie and Matthew recently celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary and she inquired about an upgrade to her original engagement ring that had lost its center diamond. Their primary concern for this important purchase was insuring transparency in the mine-to-market supply chain for natural diamonds. Though all dealers who sell diamonds mined from the earth are eager to provide paper certificates stating fair trade, sustainable sourcing, etc.,. it is impossible to know for certain what activities these enormous overseas diamond conglomerates fund. Block-chain technology that is in its development stage promises to offer secure documentation on each individual diamond, but it’s not available yet.
So today, how do I provide my trusting clients with a quality diamond worthy of their ethics and principles? I suggested a Laboratory Grown Diamond.

Lab grown diamonds are made of the same material as natural diamonds—pure carbon, crystallized in an isotropic 3D form. Simulated diamonds such cubic zirconia (CZ), Moissanite, and YAG, though having similar optical properties, do not have the same physical or chemical properties that a diamond has. Laboratory grown diamonds can match the optical properties of the finest earth mined diamonds in clarity, white color, and transparency and they all have the same properties of hardness, thermal conductivity, and electron mobility in naturally formed diamonds.

Natalie fell in love with the “infinity mirrors” effect that an Asscher cut presents and wanted a 2ct stone to achieve the full effect!  Though it’s still difficult to grow large, clear, white diamond crystals in a laboratory, this one met our criteria and exceeded all expectations for beauty. The simple Platinum setting features Natalie’s (9) original earth mined diamonds beside the 2 CT state-of-the-art, “real” diamond.  Natalie says she loves everything about this ring: it’s simple geometry, how it feels on her hand, its representation of her love for Matthew, and the story behind sourcing it.


20% OFF Mother’s Day Sale!

A Special Mother’s Day Offering
 20% off all jewelry through May 12

If purchasing through our website,
please use the coupon code EDSALE20 during checkout.

Or shop the sale in our Atlanta showroom in person.
Please text or email Lainey to make an appointment:
(678) 662-6156,

This sale will enrich my Gem Resonance research. I plan to attend the Australasian Light Association conference in Cairns, Australia this July.


Pink Tourmaline Slice Necklace with Pink Quartz & Ruby Briolette, 16″  now $1440 (orig. $1800)
Ruby Eternity band, 14K Rose Gold, size 6.5, now $620 (orig. $775) 
Pearl Earrings with Tanzanite and Sunstone, sterling posts, now $140  (orig. $175)
Pink Watermelon Tourmaline and blue sapphire earrings, 14K rose and sterling, now 
$1440 (orig. $1800)


Power Bracelets for Powerful Women!

Lucinda Bunnen and Virginia Schenck are women who contribute to our fabric of cultural/social awareness. Lucinda is an ‘intrepid’ photographer and philanthropist who supports both artists and institutions around the globe. Virginia as a singer and vocal improvisation artist with three albums to her name. These women pump a dynamic signature on all that they touch and they wear talismans to empower their own energetic presence. I am honored that these Elaina Designs bracelets have become a part of their creative force for good in the world.


Photo of Lucinda Bunnen by Sara Hanna for Simply Buckhead

Sterling and 14K Bracelet with bronze natural color Puddle Pearl, Oregon Sunstone, Yellow Zircon, Ruby accents. 

After the death of my beloved Papa in 2013, I visited Hawaii’s Big Island and designed this bracelet while there. I was blown away by moon glow on the lava bubbling through the crater at Kilauea before its 2018 eruption. This bracelet tried to connect my deep love with the majestic fragility of all life. Imagine my wonder when Lucinda Bunnen selected it from a show years later at The Green Door Studio during an Ithaca visit. That she would choose this particular piece, not knowing its provenance, then choose to wear it for her photo feature in Simply Buckhead Magazine; “Bold Women Of Buckhead” brought tears to my eyes. In Lucinda’s words: “Being a bold woman means doing things you have dreamed up that other women haven’t dared to do.”


Photo of Virginia Schenck by Michael Boatright Photography
14kt Gold Snake hand forged and engraved, Indicolite eyes. 

In ancient text, Kundalini is a form of divine, feminine energy coiled at the base of our spine, often symbolized by the snake. Through spiritual practice, or as a result of profound life events, Kundalini uncoils upward, awakening one’s creative forces. Virginia had a dream about energy coiling up her arm into her throat, helping to send her voice out. She felt this as a potent sign of Kundalini Rising. She commissioned me to interpret her dream into reality. We had several fittings using a copper wire model, then solid 14K wire was used for the final design. I recently heard her perform at Fernbank Planetarium to celebrate the 2018 Winter Solstice. WOW! Check out her website to find events for a keen and dynamic listening experience.

Light Equals Dark Jewelry Show March 29 & 30

Light Equals Dark Jewelry Show
featuring Elaina Designs and Metaalia Jewelry

 Friday, March 29, 11AM-6PM
Saturday, March 30, 11AM-5PM

2116 Lanes Ln. NE, Atlanta, 30317


“Lotus Pond Reflection Earrings” Natural bronze color petal Pearls, green Tourmaline, bi-color Tourmaline crystals, 14K rose gold, $1490, by Lainey Papageorge.
“Ouroboros Pendant”, gold plated sterling, white South Sea Pearl, $475, by Lainey Papageorge.

“Aegean Link Bracelet” with hand-forged links and rare natural color pink, blue and purple Spinels. 14K Yellow and Rose Gold, 7.25″ long. $3400by Lainey Papageorge.

“Harvest Ring” Sterling, Bronze, Pink Tourmaline, size 8, $600, by Aalia Mujtaba


Anne’s Gift to Herself

Sometimes if we’re lucky and live long enough we get to see ourselves spiral around and revisit where we began. With fresh vision, our experiences lean toward wisdom. One spiral began in 1987 with the opening of Illumina Gallery in a tiny mall that now touches Piedmont Park, Midtown Atlanta. We sold art, mineral and crystal specimens, and sculptural fine jewelry from metalsmiths around the world. I remember finding this Rhodocrosite specimen from a South American dealer at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show 33 years ago. It was exquisite then and the story it now carries makes it even more precious.

Anne purchased the rare, heart-shaped Rhodocrosite cluster from Illumina Gallery and kept it on display for three decades, referring to it as “her heart.”  She inherited diamonds from her mother and grandmother after her mother’s recent passing and knew she wanted to bring the Rhodochrosite and the Diamonds together into one heirloom jewelry piece that she could wear.  “This pendant is so me even though I don’t think of myself as wearing fancy stuff. It honors the relationship between mother and daughter for three generations, all of them ongoing, now symbolized in one piece in my heart!”

Repurposed heirloom Diamonds, rare Rhodocrosite specimen, 14K Rose Gold.
Designed by Lainey Papageorge, articulation by FM Abdulky.

Gem Resonance: DIY Gem Kits, Workshops, and Private Sessions

Full Launch > Gem Resonance

Obscured by thick clouds, the full moon was unseen yet felt. Wet, potent… something big had completed its cycle and new beginnings were astir. Same with me.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…or felt in the subtle vibration.
The mineral substance outside the body comes into coherence with the minute trace elements inside our body. To date, over 50 people have participated and the response has been stunning. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this research and development. Each person’s experience was individual, but these words were often used to describe it:
Release of habitual pain patterns
New connections, reconnections
Heightened awareness, smiling inside
Alignment, stillness, earthiness
…..and many others

Private Gem Resonance sessions using my rare mineral collections in the Atlanta and Ithaca Jewel Rooms can now be scheduled by voice or text to 678-662-6156. $100/one hour, $140/1.5 hours. You can gift a session to another, or take a dive into the jewels yourself.

In response to client requests I now have unusual minerals that can be purchased. Prices start at $2/specimen and if you wish, I will help you to create your own gem kit during a private session. I’ve curated a Basic Gem Kit for $108, composed of 26 stones & crystals chosen for the various trace elements that stimulate and open pathways in the body. If you’d like to learn how to use the gem kits, sign up for a mini, introductory, 2-hour workshop for $60. Purchase of a gem kit is optional. Space for each workshop is limited, first come first served. If you are interested in reserving a spot, please respond to this email or text me with the date you desire.

Available Gem Kit Workshop Dates:
Wednesday March 6, 1-3pm
Wednesday March 13, 7-9pm
Saturday March 23, 12-2pm
Tuesday March 26, 1-3pm
Thursday March 28, 10-12pm

In Resonance,

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show Finds in Time for Valentine’s Day

I had a great time at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and returned with some lovely pieces in time for Valentine’s Day! There’s much more in the showroom and I invite you to call or stop by to find the perfect gift for love. Call Lainey for shipping details, (678) 662-6156.

Carved Double Heart Rainbow Obsidian Specimen, approx 4″ x 2″, $80.
(There are four more available and they’re a great tool for self-massage.)

Three 24KT Solid Gold Stacking Rings, size 7
Top:  .33ct natural color Burmese Ruby, $1480
Middle: Flush set diamonds, $1240
Bottom: Rustic Triangle Cut Diamond, $1540

Wind Rings, Left to right:
18KT Rose Gold Plated Sterling with Natural Rubies, size 5.5, $120
White Rhodium Plated Sterling with Blue Sapphires, size 7,  $120
18KT Yellow Gold Plated Sterling with Rose-Cut Diamonds, size 5.5, $175


Black Rhodium on heavy sterling chain with 14K Rose & Diamond Clasp, $440
Luscious lavender & cream Keshi Pearl with Kunzite teardrop, 14KP Pendant, $600 
Dreaming of the enormous citrine geode “wings” I saw in Tucson,

Make Your Gemstone Dreams Come True!

Happy New Year, friends! For me, each new year kicks off with preparing for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show where the world of gemstones is at my fingertips in one place for a week. It’s thrilling to seek out the best quality pearls and colored gemstones from vendors across the globe and bring them back to my Atlanta and Ithaca studios. If you’ve been daydreaming about a unique gemstone or a particular type of pearl with which you’d like to decorate yourself, let me know!  I’ll be in Tucson January 31 – February 6.

Winter is also a great time to come to me for repairs, restringing needs or custom design consultation. Call or email me at (678) 662-6156 and

These recent jobs incorporate gemstones and pearls sourced at Tucson, one-on-one custom design, and my eco-friendly design approach — repurposing old jewelry.

25th Wedding Anniversary Ring
“capturing the ethereal beauty of the sea”


Many years ago I purchased this incredible natural color, 14.53CT cushion-cut, Aquamarine during the Tucson Show. It sat patiently in my gemstone drawer waiting for the right person. Last year, Karen called to ask if I still had it. She had seen it years before and couldn’t get it out of her head! She purchased the stone and we worked on this sleek platinum ring design. It was a challenge to find matching color aquas for the flanking stones, but we did it! Karen wrote this lovely note over the holidays:

“I really can’t thank you enough for all of your efforts to bring this ring into existence. It is perfect in ways that I couldn’t imagine or predict. I love it! ”  

HerStory Bracelet
“Gem alchemy: contemporary and antique elements unite”

Ruth Ann knew Elaina Designs was the place to come to upcycle her outdated, unworn jewelry. She brought in two Art Deco antique rings containing cameos carved from the rare black lipped oyster. She inherited the cameo rings but had never wore them. I suggested cutting and adjusting the rings to become bracelet segments and incorporated small gemstones and pearls extracted from other old rings.  The center orbit features the  diamond in its original setting from her mother’s engagement ring. The large, lustrous, white baroque pearls, found in Tucson, perfectly terminate the bracelet, pulling together her cameos and smaller center pearls. Antique and contemporary unite harmoniously in this piece which she wears regularly. Ruth Ann recently told me:

“The bracelet its a great conversation piece and I get compliments on it all the time! I love telling it’s story.”  

Many thanks to those who supported and purchased from Elaina Designs in 2018. I feel blessed to have worked with each of you to create beauty that is more than the sum of its elements.
Lainey Papageorge


Oyster Engagement Ring for Jeffrey and Amelia!

Rustic cut Red Diamond, Padparascha Sapphires, 14K Rose Gold

Last year, I received a call from the West Coast with a unique and fascinating request for an engagement ring. I knew Jeffrey Blumenthal as a young boy because he was classmates with my son at Paideia and I became a close friend of his mother, Janet. Jeffrey wanted a ring using an oyster shell he had collected during his research in San Francisco Bay. During the design and fabrication process of this unique ring, I learned so much about the important work that Jeffrey and his fiancée, Amelia, do.

Jeffrey is building a habitat model for the Atlantic oyster drill, an invasive predatory snail in SF Bay that feeds on oysters, barnacles, clams, and other hard-shelled invertebrates. The ultimate goal is to recover the wild Olympia oyster population. He gathers data to better understand these animals’ habitat requirements. Once it is  understood how these animals fit into their environment, he and his team can design projects that support the oysters without feeding the snails. Big picture, he is learning how to adapt and prepare our urbanized coastline for climate change while supporting local biodiversity in ways that are mutually beneficial.

Amelia works as a Ringside Geologist on a geothermal energy development project in the Fiale Caldera region of Djibouti, Africa. She inspects samples from drilling bores to determine geothermal potential and feasibility. Harnessing geothermal energy reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

It was an honor to design this ring using fair-trade gemstones and sustainably-mined rose gold for this conscientious, hard-working couple. Thank you and congratulations to Jeffrey and Amelia!

Happy New Year!


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