Gem Resonance Workshop at Mary & Martha’s Place, Atlanta

Response to Lainey’s innovative method of placing gems and minerals on the body has been overwhelmingly positive. As a result she has been asked to present at the esteemed Mary and Martha’s Place in north Atlanta. If you are interested in learning more about it, this is a fine opportunity.

Mary & Martha’s Place (MMP) was established in 1994 by a group of women who were deeply committed to theological education, spiritual growth, social justice and ecological consciousness.  They believed that people needed a community where they can reflect on their lives, find their voices and articulate their unique spiritual experiences.  MMP explores concepts of spiritual transformation and provide a place where people can learn to put these ideas into practice. In these times of change in the culture, the church, and our personal lives, MMP is a center for resilience and vision that helps people stay grounded. They provide intentionally designed, complex, in-depth programs using a diverse network of teachers and thinkers.

Gem Resonance with Lainey Papageorge
Thursday, August 16, 10 am – 12:30 pm, $30
Mary and Martha’s Place
4393 Garmon Road NW, Atlanta GA 30327

In this 2-hour workshop Lainey will bring her exquisite mineral collection for participants to explore the subtle impact of gems and crystals when intentionally placed on the body. We will add the frequencies of sound and light to these billion-year-old forms of color and beauty. Creative exercises will integrate our experience.

 Register for Gem Resonance Here!

LoveLocket Celebrates 35 Years of Marriage

Joanne and Corky recently celebrated 35 years of marriage and requested this 14K handmade “Love Locket” to commemorate their anniversary. They selected two gems in colors they favored, that also reflect their eyes: Aquamarine for her blue and rare Diopside for his green. Like all relationships, the locket is complicated…two gems form a union, spin on an axis, and hinge open. The interior of this tiny piece of art reveals the mastery of hand engraver, John Franciscus, with a message and symbols chosen by Joanne and Corky:  “Of all the fishes in the sea” and two fish. The result is a contemporary, sculptural heirloom that will be worn and loved.


This is the fourth spinning Love Locket I’ve created over the past 10 years, beginning with the one I made for myself when David Hudson and I first fell in love. All four have been handmade by fine jewelry craftsmen in Atlanta. It is an intriguing piece of art jewelry that always reflects the people it’s made for.

With love and gratitude,


Luna and I await you! Green Door Studio show Friday & Saturday.

Hi Everyone,

Donning my 50 year old dungarees, Luna and I have been preparing the Green Door Studio gardens, and setting up the jewelry gallery for your viewing pleasure at our Ithaca show this coming Friday & Saturday.  We are both getting older, but we are here, hoping you will find time to visit and take in the beauty, and maybe make a purchase for yourself or a loved one. The Elaina Designs collection is stunning in every price point.

As you enjoy the views from my studio, you might see the brightest bluebird who has taken up residence in a “bluebird” house that Orion made for me on Mother’s Day about 15 years ago. Lie on the yoga rock warmed by the sun. I am here next week and through September, If you can’t make it this weekend call me. I’d love to see you. 678-662-6156.

Blessings abound!

THIS WEEKEND Green Door Studio Show
Friday, June 15, 12PM-7PM
Saturday, June 16, 11AM-4PM
152 Inlet Valley Way, Ithaca, NY 14850
Search this address when using GPS: 167-1 Calkins Rd. Ithaca, NY 14850 


 Purple and White Boulder Opal on Purple Silk Necklace, $300.

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Father’s Day Discounts and Ithaca Green Door Studio Show

Today, June 8, through June 17.
On cufflinks and tuxedo sets 
Please visit the Elaina Designs mens’ store online to purchase.
Free domestic ground shipping.

Silver Sand Dollar Fragment Cufflinks with Tsavorite, Blue Zircon & Yellow Beryl WAS $430, NOW $258
Square & Circle Black Drusy & Sterling Tuxedo set, WAS $900, NOW $540
Pyrite in Slate & Silver Tuxedo Set, WAS $1000, NOW $600
Pecan Pearl & Pink Freshwater Pearl Tuxedo Set WAS $1200, NOW $720

Ithaca Green Door Studio Show June 15 & 16
Friday, June 15, 12PM – 7PM
Saturday, June 16, 11AM-4PM
152 Inlet Valley Way, Ithaca, NY 14850
same location off Calkins Rd. but new address.


Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Kyanite Necklace, $440
Pearl, Kyanite & Sunstone Earrings, $200
Kyanite, Sapphire, Tanzanite Boulder Opal Pendant, $300
Men’s Chunky Turquoise Bracelet, $120

All these items and more available for purchase on 

Atlanta fine jewelry designer Lainey Papageorge will be showing her one-of-a-kind and contemporary handmade art jewelry collections in Ithaca, New York this summer and will be taking appointments for custom orders in Juneau & Skagway, Alaska June 29 — July 11. Please be in touch with Lainey at (678)662-6156 and 


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Shedding New Light on Old Diamond Pairs

Upcoming Events
Ithaca Green Door Studio Show
: June 15 & 16
Friday, June 15, 12PM-7PM
Saturday, June 16, 11AM-4PM
152 Inlet Valley Way, Ithaca, NY 14850
same location off Calkins Rd., but new street address

Ithaca Gem Resonance sessions: June 17-22
One hour private sessions with Lainey for $60 at the Green Door Studio. Please reply or call ( and (678)662-6156, and we’ll send you the sign up list.


New Light on Old Pairs
We always look for the inherent light in a stone and enjoy how it enlivens the person wearing it. Diamonds were formed billions of years ago, 250 miles deep in the earth’s mantle, carrying the signature of complicated geological processes. Their story grows yet again in the human realm as cut gems for these women who inherited diamond pairs from a beloved aunt, mother and grandmother. These diamonds become even more precious with wear because as each facet displays its rainbow array, the human story of love and devotion also expands. I hope you enjoy the stories behind these heirloom, recycled diamond jewelry pieces.
Sculptural 18K Yellow Gold Butterfly Earrings with Restyled Diamonds

Christa received these round diamonds from a beloved aunt, intact in their delicate 18k prongs. Her aunt had worn them as earring studs for years, and recently gave them to Christa. Christa is an ecologist and studies how butterflies fit into our world. We designed these earrings inspired by the movement of butterfly wings, capturing the light in her old mine cut diamonds.

Contemporary style Tanzanite Platinum Ring 

Judi did not know what to do with pear shaped diamonds from her mother’s old wedding ring. During a recent trip to Tanzania she had purchased this amazing Tanzanite knowing that if it were set in a ring, she could enjoy peering into its flawless depths. Her diamonds found a perfect home flanking the tanzanite in this stunning platinum alignment of linear geometry enhanced by feminine pear shapes.

Platinum & 14K White Gold Earring Jackets with Repurposed Diamonds

These perfect diamond trillions were given to Marisa by her grandmother who had once worn them in a favorite platinum ring.  I suggested retaining the three-prong setting, melting the ring for credit, and adding a round diamond to create minimalist earring jackets that would dress up diamond huggie hoops she already owned. Sparkling light, handed down from her grandmother, now frames Marisa’s face on special occasions.

I hope to see some of you this summer!


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Travel Notes from the International Light Association conference in Oslo.

I just returned from the 15th annual International Light Conference in Oslo, Norway where engineers, therapists, MD’s, PHD’s, physicists, biochemists, and architects presented cutting edge research on the application of light, color and sound for the benefit of health and well being. I was one of sixteen presenters during the stellar four-day series of lectures and workshops. My presentation entitled “Elemental Techniques: Gem Resonance”, explored careful placement of gemstones and minerals onto the human body with applied light & sound. The trace elements that color most gems also provide the foundation for all organic cellular function. I am humbled and relieved to report that my presentation was enthusiastically received and greatly appreciated.

One of my favorite lectures was given by a brilliant engineer, Dr. Roumiana Tsenkova from Kobe University in Japan, who presented her research on Aquaphotonics, the study of how water and infrared light interact immediately on a cellular level to change us, dependent on what we eat and drink each moment. The Japanese milk and dairy industry is funding some of her research as she explained, “when we ingest dairy products from cows whose milk contains contaminants, it may not make us immediately ill, yet our cells immediately retain the near infrared signature, NIR, from these pollutants, because the water in each cell provides a homogeneous communication system throughout our body. You can take a sample from toe skin or stomach tissue, it all reads exactly the same. Light works instantaneously, and NIR light penetrates deeply into all tissue. My research is how to convey this information graphically.”

As Oslo was lit by magical midnight sun every evening and pure blue sky by day, cross-pollination for ideas was fertile for the 115 participants. Early spring blossoms ringed bike paths that intertwined contemporary architecture beside sparkling fjords. My daughter, Alexandra, took five days off from her job working the Norway coast on a Linblad/National Geographic ship tour, to join David and me. Fun-fun-fun-learn-learn-learn…now I must integrate each of these blessings. I plan to begin light groups in both Atlanta and Ithaca to teach some of the new techniques. Please contact me if you are interested in participating.

With Light Lessons,

New “Wedding Rings” for a 91 Year-Old

Upcoming Events and News

Work on the new Elaina Designs website is underway and will soon feature online purchase capability. Stay tuned for updates. I continue to take custom orders by phone or in person and my Kirkwood showroom is open by appointment for shopping. I love our new light-filled Atlanta home and studio.

Ithaca, NY:  Divining with Light and Gems
Sunday, March 11, 2018 1-5PM
The Treman Center (Just past entrance to upper Treman Park)
95 Hines Rd, Newfield, NY 14867
Four spots are still available, please contact Lainey. 678-662-6156,
Cost: $50

Atlanta Spring Studio Show featuring new designs…treasures from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
Wednesday through Saturday, April 18 – 21
2116 Lanes Ln. NE, Atlanta 30317

Gem Resonance sessions in Atlanta and Ithaca have been highly successful and I’m extremely grateful to the many volunteers who helped with my inquiry into light, gems, and trace elements. This overwhelmingly positive response has encouraged me to offer future one hour sessions for $60 to anyone interested in the benefits from this experience. Please contact me at 678-662-6156, for details and appointments.

Oslo, Norway: International Light Association Conference
May 12 – 15
Light in Action workshop: Elemental Techniques on May 14.

Jessie’s New “Wedding Rings”

“I can’t wait to show the “Lunch Bunch” my new wedding rings!” 
As a 91st birthday gift to herself, Jessie commissioned this meaningful 14K scalloped bar necklace using the diamonds from her wedding set which she no longer wore. The necklace was fabricated using recycled gold from her wedding set and funds from a gold sale offset the final cost.
Jessie was delighted with her new necklace and so was I!

Light and warm wishes–

Divining with Light & Gems Workshop in Ithaca, NY

Divining with Light & Gems with Lainey Papageorge 
Like elements attune to like.
In this Ithaca workshop Lainey will bring her exquisite mineral collection for participants to explore the subtle impact of gems and crystals when intentionally placed on the body. We will add the frequencies of sound and light to these billion-year-old forms of color and beauty. Creative exercises will integrate our experience and the day will close with Linda Ruth offering astrological symbols to each participant.

Sunday, March 11, 2018 1-5PM
The Treman Center (Just past entrance to upper Treman Park)
95 Hines Rd, Newfield, NY 14867
Cost: $50 (PayPal, check, cash or credit card accepted)

Space is limited, please contact Lainey to reserve a spot.

Through my 40 year career in jewelry design, I’ve become aware of natural relationships and affinities between the gems and the people who wear them. My insight as an artist is that something beyond beauty occurs when a person is in contact with the mineral kingdom, whether by wearing it, walking on the bare earth, or with intentional placement. It is a fact that like elements resonate with one another and are essential for organic function on all cellular levels. The trace elements in our bodies and the trace elements found in all crystal, mineral, pearl and gemstone formations are resonating with each other on a subtle level all the time. Can we tune in, dial it in, sense which elements feel most beneficial? What other messages might we receive while experiencing this deep and calming resonance?

Snacks and tea will be provided. Please bring:
–Notebook and simple art supplies you might want to use
–A cushion and a light blanket
–A small flashlight if you have one
–A pendulum if you have one. Lainey will provide extra pendulums and guidance.  No prior experience needed.

Shop Elaina Designs for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day offers an opportunity to love the earth while thinking of those you might love to gift. Please call or email Lainey to make an appointment to browse our collection in person or by phone.
2116 Lanes Ln. NE, Atlanta 30317 or (678) 662-6156

Sand dollar fragments found on Sapelo Island, GA, cast in sterling. Post earrings with Rubies. $480

Faceted Ruby and Pyrite Necklace, 16.5″, 14K White Gold. $530

Watermelon and pink Tourmaline, 14K Rose Gold vermeil, $220.

“Wavy Acorn Top Earrings” with natural color “Fireball” freshwater pearls and oxidized sterling. $400


Weaving a Family Together

Lanes Lane has enjoyed a great beginning! Thank you for continuing to support me through moving three times in three years, but since we bought this house, I plan to be here for many years to come. 2017 ended with the completion of many special commissions which I’ll be featuring in upcoming newsletters.

Weaving a Family Together

2.98ct Ceylon Natural Blue Sapphire, platinum
Family photo taken right after the proposal.

This engagement ring holds the hopes and dreams of a blended, modern family made permanent by the commitment of marriage between the two parents and three daughters. When Christopher came to me, he was uncertain about the style or stones his beloved Layne might desire for her engagement ring, yet certain he wanted to surprise her.
We spent a month purveying possible gems and designs she might like, and he selected this spectacular natural-color blue sapphire, to be set in pave Platinum. Two braiding streams of lighter blue sapphires envelop the center gem to signify the joining of their two families.  With their daughters, Christopher planned a surprise proposal at the end of a family picnic when he dropped to one knee and presented her with this rare jewel. It was an honor to be a part of this joyful process and to make Layne so happy.

Happy New Year,


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