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Gem Resonance

Handling precious gems, minerals and crystals over my successful 46-year career as a professional jewelry designer has taught me that something beyond beauty is going on. I began to study the natural resonance between the trace elements that color the gems and the trace elements in our body, which are one and the same.

Trace elements naturally come into a coherent rhythm when in proximity to each other. Gem resonance utilizes this coherence by placing and moving minerals around on top of the body following the flow of energy (Qi) along meridian points.

A meridian is an “energy highway” that runs through the body and has many points along its path. Placing stones along these key points enhances the body’s ongoing metabolic processes. Most gems amplify energy but I’ve found that some can also reduce inflammation.

Through this research, I developed the practice of Gem Resonance with stunning results and I’m now offering workshops and private sessions.

Gem Resonance

During a session, most people are able to feel these minerals interact with their bodies and although each person’s experience during a session is different, these were the words that are used most often to describe a session:

  • Calming, soothing, serenity
  • Centering, nurturing, grounded
  • Expansive, spaciousness, revitalization
  • Release of habitual pain patterns
  • New connections, reconnections
  • Heightened awareness, smiling inside
  • Alignment, stillness, earthiness, lightness

I’ve heard from clients after Gem Resonance sessions reporting positive results:

  • clearing of eczema rash
  • reduced pain and inflammation after knee surgery
  • improvement in adjusting to bio-identical hormone replacement
  • relief from an anxiety disorder
  • relief from chronic back pain
Gem Resonance Individual Session

Gem Resonance Sessions,
Gem Kits and More

Gem Resonance Session

I offer group workshops and private sessions using my personal rare mineral collection. Group workshops are available anywhere someone offers to host. For more information on time, place and availability, please check the Events page.

Private Gem Resonance sessions involve a consultation with an individualized crystal layout, cost $100.

A 25-stone Gem Kit that includes a selected trace elements list and a placement chart can be purchased for an additional cost of $110. You can purchase your Gem Kit for Gem Resonance online or select your own kit at a session or workshop.

During an individual session or a workshop, you may purchase individual gemstones. These gemstones start at $2 per specimen, depending on stone and weight. The placement chart and trace element list are not included when purchasing gem stones individually.

Gift certificates for Gem Resonance sessions are available.


The necklace in the photo above was a custom design by Lainey for a client that incorporated gemstones that resonated with her during a session.

Take your session to the next level by having Lainey design a piece of custom jewelry that incorporates gemstones that resonate specifically with you.

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Upcoming Gem Resonance workshops are listed on our Event page.


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