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To go in the dark with a light is to know the light. To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight, and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings…
—Wendell Berry

I’m pondering this thought as we enter the darkness that surrounds the Winter Solstice Monday, December 21. On the evening of the Solstice another heavenly phenomenon occurs on the western horizon, precisely at sunset. Saturn & Jupiter, our two gas giant planets align and appear as one exceedingly bright star. Two as one…it won’t happen again in our lifetime, so try to view it if you can!

Gems formed in the depths of the earth or inside a seashell on the lake or ocean floor, bloom and sing to us. Their beauty revitalizes though it originates in darkness. Even as we gravitate toward light, darkness is something to know and to embrace.

Working with the beauties of the Mineral Kingdom each day, I am indebted to all of you who are reaching out to virtually shop with me during this strange season in our lives. Thank you for your trust and your loyalty, and may your holidays and those of your loved ones be safe, bright, and blessed.

In Darkness and in Light,

Amulet Pendant: Quartz with Hematite inclusions that appear as a starry sky, Champagne Diamond marquis, Lavender Petal Pearl, hand engraved stars on sterling, $1050.
Pendant featured on Black Rhodium plated sterling chain with 14K Rose Gold Diamond pave clasp, 18”, sold separately, $440.

Black Spinel, Pyrite Cube beads, Black Rhodium magnetic clasp 17”. $160

Moonshell Fragment Earrings with natural color Freshwater “Fireball Pearl”, sterling, $330.

Seven sided step-cut Fibrolite (rare gem that looks like an icy blue diamond) with irradiated Blue Diamond on cast sterling shell fragment band.
(Sapelo Island, GA). Size 8.5. $1630.

“Beacon In the Darkness”. 24K Pure Gold Nugget from Chicken, Alaska with flush set Diamonds with detachable White Topaz drops set in 14K white gold.  $1800

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