A Ring for All Occasions

 In Bespoke Stories, Gem Resonance

Labradorite, bi-color black and olive tourmaline crystal, double terminated quartz with hematite inclusion set in 18K yellow gold. Designed by Lainey Papageorge. Articulated by FM Abdulky. 

Susan and Bill came to Atlanta for a family reunion and while here made an appointment to design a custom made ring as a gift for her Birthday, their Anniversary, Christmas, and Mothers Day. Susan didn’t know what she wanted except that she desired bold, unconventional, and unexpected. To distill her vision, I asked lots of questions, then took her upstairs to the Mineral Collection where she became instantly drawn to a compelling triad of gems. The phenomena inherent in each stone stands alone, yet together create a playful and mesmerizing union worthy of Susan and her family.

“The ring is home. It’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you Lainey for making this masterpiece. All I know is that I do not want to take it off anymore.” — Susan Biersteker, Miami, FL.

Late summertime greetings from Ithaca,

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