Still mesmerized by my first love of common rocks glittering brightly in the waters of my childhood play, I use the Mineral Kingdom to adorn beloved friends and clients. They have become my chosen family and I am indebted to them for their faith and willingness to invest in what I find beautiful.  Thirty-seven years and three kids later, I still love what I do.  I specialize in marrying the finest gems and diamonds with the highest skill of hand-crafted jewelry.  My focus is on individual clients who come to my private showroom/studio for custom orders and on developing jewelry collections to sell at shows all over the country.

The Earth is my inspiration and my teacher; She is also my responsibility.  I purchase consciously mined stones and recycle old jewelry whenever possible.  I bring Her lessons to my designs and this bares the soul of my jewelry.  Each piece is unique, crafted by hand, with the aid of sophisticated technology.  Fluid lines and attention to detail are in service to the creation of jewelry which is comfortable on the body it was made for, and the ones who will enjoy it for generations to come. Please click here to view a video about my RE-Style philosophy.

Screenshot 2016-04-15 11.21.55I always listen to the stones. Palpably experiencing the resonance of crystalline structures renews my responsibility to these forms of beings with unique colors and vibrations, billions of years older than myself.  My work reminds the wearer that minerals formed in darkness, when finely tuned and carefully set in precious metal, bring beauty to the eye of the beholder and a sense of belonging to the only home we know, our precious Earth. My life as an artist cannot be divided from the gems or the people who wear them for it is one in the same: full, deep and reverberating.

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