Bird in Flight Hair Barrette

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Mindi is an ocean gal, an avid bird watcher who lives on a saltwater estuary along the South Georgia coast. At her invitation we met at her home, the Moon Dance Studio, to talk about a custom bird-inspired barrette. I had never designed or made a barrette before and neither had Fareed, but it was an inspiration to make it fly.

Mindi wanted to incorporate a precious blue Sapphire, two Amethyst, and a Diamond from rings from a previous life. To create the bird motif,  she selected an intriguing pentagon cut Amethyst, two Boulder Opals, and two Biwa pink pearl wings from my gem trove. This outrageous masterpiece was meticulously hand fabricated in 14K rose gold by Fareed Abdulky. I think you will agree that on Mindi’s head, it soars. To see a video and description of this barrette, please check out the video on my Youtube channel.

Soaring into Spring,

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