Celebrate Earth Day! Recycle Your Old Jewelry.

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Please note we are not showing at the Inman Park Festival this weekend but would love to see you at our studio as we do need to continue to generate income. Our first official Spring show will be Mother’s Day Weekend, May 9 & 10 at Studioplex (visit our website for details)

Progress on my 40 Year Retrospective Show is gaining momentum. I have completed the first stage & submitted images of jewelry from clients able to meet with me. Annette now makes her selections for inclusion. Many thanks to each of you who have made time and are helping me to realize this life dream. The process has given me an important perspective on the scope & breadth of my designs since 1974. It’s going to be a stunning show, opening September 27, 2014 at MOCA-GA.

Save our planet from destructive mining techniques by repurposing your old jewels. Below are some examples of recent repurposing projects. 
Annie’s Lyrical Brooch emerged from these materials…

Annie is a powerhouse of hidden talents as a professional Puppeteer for The Muppets with a penchant for dressing in hand-sewn fabrics and accessories.  As a new client she arrived with few ideas about what she wanted, yet with a strong desire to capture the love still potent in the keepsakes that were lovingly worn by her mother.

The mixture of gems inspired no immediate ideas for me….so I began to ask questions: “Who were your parents and what activities inspired passion in them and in you?” She answered, “My father was an accomplished Vintner and my mother an avid gardner, and as a performer, rhythms and music are vital to me.”

This presented me with direction but mostly a big challenge, as nothing I drew seemed to click. Luckily, Annie is patient. Months later The Golden Mean spiral  emerged from a midnight dream I had: The next morning my tweezers quickly pushed tiny diamonds and emeralds around the strong geometry of the large Emerald (solving how to incorporate a rectangle into an organic piece?) The Amethyst briolettes, once earrings, now grew like ripe grapes dangling from the vine, and I knew I had captured it! With so many tiny parts I snapped this image to hold the rendering.

Fareed Abdulky, my collaborative Master alchemist/goldsmith was able to manifest it in flowing gold wire as only he can do. The result is an asymmetrical brooch both delicate and whimsical….all Annie, and a tribute to her parents.
Susan’s Stacking Rings

Susan arrived with a request for more artful and heartfelt stacking rings. She is a photographer used to working hard with her hands so the rings had to be comfortable and interchangeable. She wanted to be able to choose to wear only silver one day, two rings the next and for festive occasions, all three. She traded in an old engagement ring and a pair of Blue Topaz hoop earrings to be melted for credit towards the cost. Because of the shape of her hand, I suggested a cantilevered wave design for comfort and full range of finger motion. Susan knows her own mind and was able to direct me towards this sculptural work of art, manifested by Fareed Abdulky in Ithaca, NY.

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Thanks for your support & interest. Enjoy the glorious spring weather, truly a rebirth.


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