Cherokee Compass Rose Art Deco Engagement Ring

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Watercolor illustration of design.

The creative process takes time, patience, and stamina plus a precise understanding of modern technology to render a complex ring design on a budget.  I worked remotely with David to realize his dream design for Meg: combining a compass and a Cherokee Rose into a delicate, 14K white gold Art Deco ring to feature his heirloom diamond. After completing a series of drawings to arrive at the final design, the challenge was to find a talented CAD (computer aided design) artist who could translate and render my vision. After two companies attempted to digitally recreate my design and failed, I found success with the third, who did a beautiful job rendering, printing in resin, and casting in white gold. The delicate details on the leaves were hand engraved.

David and Meg provided wonderful testimonials of their experience working with us:

“I started out with an idea for a ring that included elements of the compass rose — to connect with a compass tattoo that both Meg and her sister have — and I also wanted to add elements of the Cherokee Rose, aka the Wild Georgia Rose, to honor Meg’s middle name of Rose and her home state flower. Talking over these elements with Lainey, she was able to elicit from me more of the true vision that I was not able to articulate, and she used our conversation to create the most perfect possible ring. She has such a natural gift for design and intention, that it is honestly exactly what I was hoping for without even having my own clear vision of a final product. Lainey was persistent in finding craftspeople to make our design possible, even from what at times seemed to be too intricate a filigree of Cherokee Rose petals, until she was able to achieve perfection. As you can see in the photos, we could not be happier with the results!” — David Leflar, Atlanta

“I could not have asked for a more thoughtfully designed and perfectly crafted ring for my engagement to David; it is absolutely stunning! The way he talks about the design process with you is precisely the experience I remember from years ago when we worked on a ring together – you have such a gift for combining aesthetic preferences and personal stories to create a perfect piece. How lucky am I to get to wear not one but TWO of your works of art on my fingers every day?!” — Meg Brooks, Atlanta

I can work with you no matter what your cardinal direction.




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