Divining with Light & Gems Workshop in Ithaca, NY

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Divining with Light & Gems with Lainey Papageorge 
Like elements attune to like.
In this Ithaca workshop Lainey will bring her exquisite mineral collection for participants to explore the subtle impact of gems and crystals when intentionally placed on the body. We will add the frequencies of sound and light to these billion-year-old forms of color and beauty. Creative exercises will integrate our experience and the day will close with Linda Ruth offering astrological symbols to each participant.

Sunday, March 11, 2018 1-5PM
The Treman Center (Just past entrance to upper Treman Park)
95 Hines Rd, Newfield, NY 14867   www.tremancenter.com
Cost: $50 (PayPal, check, cash or credit card accepted)

Space is limited, please contact Lainey to reserve a spot.
678-662-6156, lp@elainadesigns.com

Through my 40 year career in jewelry design, I’ve become aware of natural relationships and affinities between the gems and the people who wear them. My insight as an artist is that something beyond beauty occurs when a person is in contact with the mineral kingdom, whether by wearing it, walking on the bare earth, or with intentional placement. It is a fact that like elements resonate with one another and are essential for organic function on all cellular levels. The trace elements in our bodies and the trace elements found in all crystal, mineral, pearl and gemstone formations are resonating with each other on a subtle level all the time. Can we tune in, dial it in, sense which elements feel most beneficial? What other messages might we receive while experiencing this deep and calming resonance?

Snacks and tea will be provided. Please bring:
–Notebook and simple art supplies you might want to use
–A cushion and a light blanket
–A small flashlight if you have one
–A pendulum if you have one. Lainey will provide extra pendulums and guidance.  No prior experience needed.

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