Druid Hills Couple Celebrates with Meaningful Keepsakes

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During these fear-filled moments in our lives, devotion, kindness and connection to all things becomes even more vital. I’m in Ithaca with David, ensconced on our sacred land and my daughters, Alex and Zoe are delivering supplies to us as needed. Even as I’ve drawn inward, with little reason to dress each day, I’m choosing to wear my jewels because they make me feel better. And I hope that you will do the same. Their light, color and density bring joy, strength, and stability.

I am still receiving and completing jobs with clients and I’m delighted to work with you.  Aalia is available to meet you at my Kirkwood, Atlanta studio. To schedule an appointment for a custom job, repairs, or to shop, please call me at (678) 662-6156. Birthdays, anniversaries and births can be celebrated in new and creative ways, and we’re here if you need us. The online store is open and we can ship anywhere.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this custom jewelry story!

Earlier this year I worked on a job for Hugh and Libby’s 10th wedding anniversary. Hugh and I had met in the 1980’s at Paideia when our young kids were classmates.

Tenth Anniversary dinner celebration, 2020. 

In 2009 he and his beloved Libby, came to me with the tender request to design rings for their upcoming Buddhist wedding ceremony. Libby and I designed her rings together, playing with a combination of gemstones and metals that captured her desire for understated earth colors.

Keshi Pearl with Opposing bar-cut Cognac Tourmaline, 14K rose and white gold, 2010 by Lainey Papageorge

In preparation for their 10th wedding anniversary celebration, Libby commissioned this simple heavy gauge, oval, sterling bracelet featuring hand engraved inscriptions with personal meaning to her and to Hugh.

“Om Mani Padme Hum”
Ancient mantra referring to the innermost heart of those who seek compassion for all beings. 

“Till a’ the seas gang dry” – to Hugh, 2-3-2020 
from the Scottish poem “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns first published in 1794

For Libby’s gift, Hugh selected these earrings cast in 14Kt gold from acorn caps I had found underneath the Twin Oaks in Dellwood Park.  As synchronicity would have it they had built and dedicated a meditation bench beneath those very same twin oaks. The Olmsted Linear Park along Ponce de Leon Ave, Atlanta brings joy and serenity for all who visit, especially while social distancing.

Pistachio Tahitian pearls, 14K rose gold Live Oak acorn caps 
by Lainey Papageorge

“Om Mani Padme Hum” is especially apropos at this time as we all face the extreme challenges that COVID-19 presents. In the strangest of ways, this virus is uniting us as a human family, against all odds. There are blessings hidden in everything.

To protect and cherish that which is most precious to us,
Lainey & Aalia


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