Earth Day Offerings of Gratitude

 In Gem Resonance, Inspiration

I design a few pieces of jewelry on Earth Day each year to pay homage to our ‘Blue Dot’ spinning on its axis in an infinite vastness.  I can’t sense the turning, but I do feel the changing light, evidence of our radiant Sun as we orbit around it. It is snowing today as I design, each snowflake a blessing on my upturned face. Here are my creative offerings of gratitude to the Earth:

Tiny Sleeping Beauty Turquoise faceted to display its preciousness, to be set into two 14KT mixed metal, dainty, signature orbit pendants.

This ring celebrates the resilient weeping cherry blossoms, challenged by April snow, yet apparently impervious to the icy coating.

Happy Earth Day!
May we protect that which we cherish most,

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