Embody the Light You Cannot See

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Stephan’s Quintet within the constellation Pegasus, as captured by infrared camera eyes on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. For more information abut this fascinating telescope, check out this great documentary on YouTube.

The galaxy clusters in Stephan’s Quintet is populated by trillions of stars and untold planets pulled inexorably by massive black holes that do not register light and cannot be seen by the telescope or any existing technology. A black hole is an unseen force pulling on these galactic entities, shaping them, making them collide, spin apart, and coalesce around their own gravitational densities.

I say, BE like the Black Hole and all its light that cannot be seen: your love, your outrage, your compassion may feel inadequate but it nevertheless has tremendous effects. We are the root systems of the soil/soul, supporting, nurturing, protecting all that we cherish and hold dear. I see similarities in human nature as power and greed coalesce to control us with separate countries, states, borders, laws, assault weapons, and bans on 1/2 of the population. The greater force, like the black hole, is love and compassion which cannot always be seen or measured.

In the meantime, immerse yourself in beauty and compassion; wear it, speak it, sing it, plant it, and do good works. Manifest that, which before you, could not be seen.

Larri Richmond commissioned these star-set Ruby and Diamond rings made from repurposed antique button hole covers.  Larri is a retired homeopath and vision therapist, wife, mother, and avid hiker. 

Spiral Orbit Earrings and Orbit Necklace with mixed gems on Yum Arnold. Price upon request. Yum and Ross Arnold are Atlanta art lovers and collectors of Elaina Designs jewelry for over 40 years. 

Lance and Kendra Birdsall work with native plants to promote healing of spirit and planet alike. Their wedding rings feature a vine/root motif that intertwine around orange garnet, a symbol of our radiant sun that nurtures all life, and their love.
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