Evie Outgrew Her Baby Bracelet: Children’s Jewelry as a Token of Love

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Evie is a precocious little girl who quickly outgrew the hand engraved baby bracelet that her Grandma, JoJo, had given her when she was born. Inspired by her initials, EGG, JoJo wanted her to have a substantial, sterling, egg-shaped pendant that she could wear for the rest of her life. We cut the the engraved section of the baby bracelet and riveted it within the new pendant so that her monogram and birthdate are visible from both sides. The three family birthstones, ruby and opal, were extracted from the bracelet and reset on the pendant. Now this piece of jewelry can accompany Evie throughout her life journey and tell the story of her family’s love.

Baby bracelets are a meaningful way to celebrate a growing family. Pinch the balled ends closer together for smaller wrists and spread them wider as baby grows. We have two bracelets available, one in sterling for $75 and one in 14K yellow gold for $470. Added costs will apply for engraving and gemstones.  Please contact Lainey to purchase: (678) 662-6156 or lp@elainadesigns.com.

In times like these, children remind us of what is really important. Their buoyancy brings hope for a better future. Many families cannot gather as we used to, but are brought closer through tangible reminders of familial love.

Live love,


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