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Elaina Designs was recently asked to rework and upgrade existing jewelry to make the pieces more versatile & comfortable for their owners. Lainey’s years of experience & expertise allow her to see the potential in old jewelry and can make the creative changes necessary to update & revive them. And, quite often, these changes are relatively inexpensive. These are two recent examples of upgrading jewelry:

kay kramer repairs copy













The Sugelite & Amethyst Earrings were worn with a post behind the amethyst. Lainey inverted the orientation & created an Art Deco style catch that slide onto the black diamond hoops. These hoops, once attached to the Chrysoprase earrings, were removed and can now be worn alone or with either pair of  jackets.

IMG_2770 copy


















This lovely Alexadrite, Diamond & Zircon engagement ring was altered slightly to better suit its lovely & petite owner. The original ring contained a synthetic Alexandrite in a commercial setting and the ring band was too thick on her delicate hands. She requested a natural Alexandrite encircled with diamonds and asked that we reduce the bulk of the band. The result is this gorgeous, delicate & feminine design that suits the client much better. She was thrilled upon seeing the changes to her ring and said, ” I am elated over my ring. It is positively beautiful, beyond what even I imaged! I am positively overflowing with love for it and no words could express my gratitude. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!”




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