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Obscured by thick clouds, the full moon was unseen yet felt. Wet, potent… something big had completed its cycle and new beginnings were astir. Same with me.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…or felt in the subtle vibration.
The mineral substance outside the body comes into coherence with the minute trace elements inside our body. To date, over 50 people have participated and the response has been stunning. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this research and development. Each person’s experience was individual, but these words were often used to describe it:
Release of habitual pain patterns
New connections, reconnections
Heightened awareness, smiling inside
Alignment, stillness, earthiness
…..and many others

Private Gem Resonance sessions using my rare mineral collections in the Atlanta and Ithaca Jewel Rooms can now be scheduled by voice or text to 678-662-6156. $100/one hour, $140/1.5 hours. You can gift a session to another, or take a dive into the jewels yourself.

In response to client requests I now have unusual minerals that can be purchased. Prices start at $2/specimen and if you wish, I will help you to create your own gem kit during a private session. I’ve curated a Basic Gem Kit for $108, composed of 26 stones & crystals chosen for the various trace elements that stimulate and open pathways in the body. If you’d like to learn how to use the gem kits, sign up for a mini, introductory, 2-hour workshop for $60. Purchase of a gem kit is optional. Space for each workshop is limited, first come first served. If you are interested in reserving a spot, please respond to this email or text me with the date you desire.

Available Gem Kit Workshop Dates:
Wednesday March 6, 1-3pm
Wednesday March 13, 7-9pm
Saturday March 23, 12-2pm
Tuesday March 26, 1-3pm
Thursday March 28, 10-12pm

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