Guitar Picks and Happy Earth Day 4-20-10

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Sing a Song of Springtime and new life.

Last year I made my first sterling silver guitar pick for my nephew, Peter Sawyer who is a professional musician, plays guitar in his own band “Seconds on End”, and teaches guitar lessons.  I figured he would know so I requested a serious critique on the sterling pick.  Here is his response, “They do work and have a metallic sound.   Excellent for slide/dobro/steel guitar type sounds, not as good for conventional picking, but a very interesting effect…”

I am offering the first Pic collection that is for sale at the Historical Inman Park Festival next weekend for $55/each.  They are engraved with Steel Japanese Inlay Engraving Tools that I made all by myself about 25 years ago.  I used to do this kind of metal inlay by engraving a channel and inlaying thin slivers of silver into gold, but it is hard on the nerve damage in my left hand/arm, and so no longer do it.

Earth Day Pendants

Each year I make a few Rotating “Earth Day” Pendants to commemorate our beautiful planet home.  The beads are naturally colored Turquoise that spin on their own Axis, some from China and some from the Southwestern US.  Folks love them, and I do too.  My daughter, Alex wears hers as she travels around New Zealand.

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