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Greetings for the New Decade!

It is that time of year when I gather gem and pearl requests for the entire year into a bundle to take to Tucson as I ply the aisles of the enormous Gem and Mineral Show.  If there is something you have a hankering for in a certain color or price, please let me know by February 1.

Attached are photos of some interesting custom jobs Elaina Designs completed this year.  These designs show the wide array of jewelry that I make. Sometimes a client asks for a specific color and I suggest gemstones that fit their request. When I design with the intent to upscale your diamonds, pearls and old jewelry, the limitations of what you bring provides an exciting challenge.  My intent is to create versatile jewelry that is wearable and lovely with perhaps special meaning for you.

Joanne’s Cherished Oceanic Ring

Gemmy Chrysacolla was chosen for its obvious turquoise color and translucency. To create interplay of watery hues, we chose precious Paraiba Tourmaline and Emerald, both faceted and cabochon, to add texture and a sense of delight swimming through salt water. The warm tone of 14KT Apricot Gold adds sunshine.

Diamond and Sapphire Enhancer for June

June loves antique jewelry and had requested an Enhancer to wear on her 8 mm Round Pearls. As a Christmas surprise, her mother supplied the gems from outdated family jewelry. We melted the gold to pay for most of the labor and decided upon a floral motif set in silver to offset the high labor cost. The Enhancer has a timeless elegance that June can enjoy for a lifetime of wear, plus the sentiment of gems that were worn by her mother and grandmother.

18KT Necklace for Susan S.

Susan came to me with several pieces of jewelry she no longer wore to be melted down.  One piece was too interesting to melt and I suggested a necklace that would save the intricate handiwork in an 18KT Diamond Pin she had inherited, but never worn.  She also had a tassel chain that worked perfectly as the necklace. We cut the pin into sections, saving the delicate gold work around each diamond and selected two flower components from an outdated bracelet to soften the hard edges around the cut up pin sections. Filigree elements were also added to maintain the integrity of the original pin design and give each section grace where it is soldered to the chain.  It moves, sparkles, is sexy and fun.

Asymmetrical Diamond Earring Jackets for Jane T.

Jane had unremarkable Diamond Rings she had inherited, but wanted earrings with elegance with artistic flair.  But she also needed simple gold earrings that she could wear everyday. I suggested my small Teardrop Hinged Earrings for everyday wear, and designed the Platinum and 14KT White Gold Danglie Diamond Jackets for occasions that call for pizazz.  We used her old settings to save on cost.

Wes B’s Wedding Band

Wes and his wife have been married for decades, but he never had a wedding ring.  Ready for one now, he wanted something special.  He had inherited gold cuff links and other jewelry that was not his style, and decided to melt it all down. After creating several pairs of custom earrings for his wife, paid for from the gold melt, we still had money to spare for his wedding ring.  He selected a rare Rainbow Moonstone with natural color-change Alexandrite that hop from green to turquoise in different light. 14KT Green Gold looked best on his skin and complimented the gems.  The ring has an earthy hand textured pattern and a mysterious glow, like all well seasoned relationships.

Gold notes:

Gold has come down a bit to 1380.00/oz though it continues to fluctuate at higher levels than ever witnessed.  Silver is at an all time high at 28/oz, with no end in sight.  The use of precious metals in technological devices continues to drive up manufacturing costs for fine jewelry.

In response to this market, I am creating jewelry in mixtures of 14kt rose gold and silver to make it affordable for you.  I only do platinum and 18kt on request.  I have not been willing to use copper and brass, though I am incorporating Vermeil (24kt gold plating on silver) findings to make yellow gold items affordable.  For example, the small 14kt nuts on your post earrings probably cost 60-70/pair as opposed to 25.00 three years ago. This drives the cost up for any gold item, plus the increasing cost of labor in the US.

I appreciate each referral, as new clients are the sign of a healthy enterprise.  Elaina Designs is growing and grateful for your continued support.

Stay warm!


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