Kitchen Comforts

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Marika had just finished her new kitchen with the palest of pink cabinets when she fell in love with this luscious lavender pearl ring I had designed Spring 2021. My inspiration was tender apple blossoms and hers was remodeling and painting her own kitchen cabinets.

Marika wrote me this week and said “Thank you, once again, for such a fun, inspiring collaboration. I can’t wait until the next time I fall in love with one of your creations. I promise, that this is the closest to the sink the ring will ever get. It is too beautiful for daily drudgery.”

When a color beckons to our consciousness, it is always wise to make a place for it in our daily lives. The vibration of a specific hue can attune us to that on which we thrive, thus enlivening the world around us. What color makes you happy?

Happy Thanksgiving Cooking & Eating


Kunzite and rare natural color lavender freshwater Pearl, 14K rose and white gold.

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