Labor of Love

 In Gem Resonance

As we celebrate this day free from our labors, I am reflecting on the intense process of birth labor and offer this touching experience. When I began writing this newsletter, the Texas abortion ban was not at the forefront, but as I prepare to send it today, sadly it is. I understand that this story may be a trigger, yet that should never silence the power of a woman’s story. When a woman is truly ready to devote herself to consciously birthing, providing for, and raising a child, whether alone or with a partner, let us celebrate that powerful right with all our might.

Last week I took great delight in helping a soon-to-be-mother, Christine Lindsay Miller, and her partner, Eli Back select a birthing gift. Not a “push present”, but something with personal and spiritual meaning to wear during the birth and to eventually hand down to their daughter. They browsed the Green Door Gallery and selected several possibilities. I gave Christine a Gem Resonance session to see if she and the baby could sense the best piece for them. Christine was deeply moved by the experience and could feel a soothing energy when this Watermelon Tourmaline and blue-green Diamond necklace was placed over her belly.

Two days later, Christine alerted me of her early labor and over the next three days as it deepened, I did several remote gem layouts to support her labor.  I don’t know if it helped or not, but at the precise moment I completed my gem process, I found out sweet Evangeline was born. Sometimes the Green Door leads to the most exquisite synchronicities. Christine sent me this lovely message about her experience:

“…Due to my water being broken long before an ‘active labor’ began… it was an epic journey. So many times I reached up to my neck, and felt the gems, remembered what meaning they held for me.. I drew strength from everything I’d ever Known, and every woman who’s power had touched me in the days before this moment…”
–Christine Lindsay Miller, Ithaca, NY

Congratulations Christine, Eli, and Evangeline!


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