Lady Winter

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Allowing elation then deep sighs of relief to sink in, the Muse finally landed on Inauguration Day. The vibrant colors worn by powerful women on the Capitol veranda shook me from my slumber, their authentic presence proclaiming change. Amanda Gorman’s crimson and yellow ensemble, her expressive fingers dancing along to the cadence of her words, Kamala Harris’ ultra violet suit zapped the Third Eye with intuitive wisdom, Jill Biden’s pale turquoise emitted a razor sharp brilliance in contrast to the soft velvet of her mature beauty and Lady Gaga’s gold peace dove in flight above her flouncy red skirt as she belted out “Our flag was still there!” was a jump start after months of low creative energy.

Massive snow showers have given my Ithaca studio a compelling, reflective quality of light, surprisingly immersive. As I work, I’m also able to observe birds diligently trying to survive this record-breaking winter, their colors pure nourishment against the stark white backdrop of diamantine meadows. Cardinal families and red-headed pileated woodpeckers feast at the suet feeder. Yet the most transcendent of all is a visitation from the rare white and charcoal colored Goshawk that lives and hunts around my studio. She, like the women of Inauguration Day, is so magnificent in stature and flight that I bow in reverence to her potent presence.

I’m grateful that these shots of creative passion have been strong enough to counterbalance the aching isolation that has blanketed me for an entire year. I am shy to reveal these unfinished designs, and to admit that my creative juice has been at a slow drip, but there is beauty in the thaw before the spring, and I believe we are all made stronger when we share our process and experience.

With perseverance and patience,






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