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To my Colorful Friends and Clients,
Please note that we are rescheduling the Atlanta Open Studio 8 Sale. Originally planned for this weekend, we’ve moved it to Dec. 9,10 & 11. This change is the happy result of an invitation to show the Elaina Designs Collection at the High Museum of Art Holiday Artist Market this Saturday, Dec. 3, 10AM-5PM in the Robinson Atrium (original museum lobby). Admission is free of charge.

Left: 14KT Yellow Gold, Red & Yellow Zircons, Moss Agate, Tahitian Pearls $950.
Right: Sterling Silver Filigree ,Green-Gold Hematite Cuff $975.
Left: Sterling Silver, Blue Zircon Ring, $205.
Right: Sterling Silver, 14KT Yellow Gold, Emerald, Boulder Opal Pendant, $285.

Gems speak the Language of Light
This fall, in the mountains north of Montreal, I attended the International Light Association’s 8th annual conference.  Because my jewelry focuses on color derived from naturally occurring gems and minerals rather than synthetic, I was invited to present my jewels to scientists, inventors, instrument builders of light technologies, and practitioners from around the world.  Sales were fantastic as professionals from the Ukraine, Norway,Denmark, Germany, Australia and Brazil were introduced to my work and began to purchase and collect it.

A stunning addition to my sales is learning so much from the lectures and attendees.  Perhaps most staggering is the realization that there are 15 trillion cells in our body performing in synchronicity, beyond our control. Within every cell there are 100,000 chemical reactions occurring every second. One reaction that has been recorded is a tiny blast of light termed “bio photon.”  It is suggested that these bio photon emissions create a light matrix performing as both information and the vehicle that transmits signals throughout the body, literally at the speed of light (light being both the truck and the highway.)

Another fascinating tidbit is that spending time outside in the sun’s natural rays, provides essential building blocks that strengthen our immune system. Sunlight is a nutrient freely derived and much needed for good health beyond the ingestion of food (moderation in all things!)  Color is an added benefit, absorbed or reflected when light hits an object at a particular angle. We see colors in the visible spectrum, yet color is also absorbed through the skin from contact with fabric or jewelry and further enhanced when light passes through it. These effects can be subtle or precise, such as in X-ray or laser surgery.

I came away more deeply convinced that allowing the human body to “wear” a gemstone in carefully crafted jewelry may indeed exceed our understanding, and bears further investigation and research.  All to say my excitement and commitment to bring color to you in dazzling arrays from natural, handmade sources has been re-ignited. I invite your response to the subtle experience of wearing natural gems that bring benefit as well as beauty.

It’s crazy out there, but breathe in light, drop by the Atlanta studio to shop in peace, online, or call us.  Aalia and I are here to help you 10AM – 4PMweekdays and weekends by appointment. We gift wrap & ship next day delivery untilDecember 23. Be sure to ask for my delicious homemade baklava when you visit the studio.

Light Play,

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