Link Bracelet Becomes a Transformative Symbol

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“The most amazing thing about wearing this bracelet is that its meaning continues to evolve as I wear it. Lainey has unified the gemstones carefully collected over my lifetime into an intriguing art form that tells me my story.”  — Shelley S. 

Mixed gems, sterling, 14K rose and yellow gold.
Designed by Lainey Papageorge, articulated by Fareed Abdulky, 2020

Long before I met Shelley she had a passion for collecting jewelry containing vibrantly colored gemstones to mark people and events that influenced her life. Her intuition in asking me to connect these important gems into a personalized link bracelet became a uniquely collaborative journey for both of us. She told stories about her life which I would then translate into my design process which she would approve. There is meaning in each link as she explains, “wearing this bracelet is like a snap-shot guide about how I want to live my life now, looking at the past.” After wearing her bracelet for six months, she is finding deeper significance in its design and she recently shared her thoughts about it:

“Lainey’s bracelet design has symbols in each link. The spiral symbol reminded me of the dream sequence in the movie, Vertigo, a Hitchcock film. For me this spiral ending in the Black Opal (that used to be a plain post earring that lost its mate) is an emotional stabilizer. It represents the Goddess Psyche, goddess of the soul. Life is more than a physical journey but also one that takes your spiritual essence or soul, on its passage through life. 

“The two anchoring links on each end are in the shape of an arrow, yet arrows pointing in opposite directions. American Indians believe an arrow pointing left is warding off evil; pointing right gives protection. These opposing arrows house triangular stones of significance to me: The Tanzanite was my mother’s favorite stone located in the right pointing arrow, (protection, of course). The Golden Garnet is in the left-pointing arrow warding off evil. Interestingly, the Tanzanite and Garnet point toward one another whereas the metal links point away in opposite directions…double protection, I believe. These two anchors are giving me a goal like shooting an arrow trying to hit its mark. I keep trying until l hit the bullseye. 

“Tanzanite —  It brings wisdom, truth, dignity and spiritual mastery. A stone of judgment and long life, it promotes introspection and can result in profound wisdom when used well.
Golden Garnet— higher thinking and self empowerment, it is also a stone of strength and safety. It speaks of prosperity, and abundance, encouraging gratitude and service to others.”

–Shelley S., Atlanta, GA, 2020.

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