Magical Opals that Thrill and Inspire

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When potential change inflicted by humans becomes overwhelming, peer into the beauty that millions of years of evolution can bring to the Mineral Kingdom. This mussel once lived in a shallow marine environment on the Gondwanaland continental plate that is now modern day Australia. As the mussel flesh decayed, it left behind a cavity of trace elements that were replaced by silica, which then fossilized into the prismatic colors that we now term “Opal”. These fossils are extremely rare and account for a tiny percentage of all mined opals. The two red spinels are natural in color and come from the mountainous region of Sri Lanka and are ethically mined.

18KT gold enhancer, $3300. Spinel beads sold separately, $350.
Designed by Lainey Papageorge, articulated by FM Abdulky. 

The splendor of this dark bodied Opal from the Abyssinian highlands of Ethiopia has an amazing 360 degree range of color with bright red, blue, green and orange flashes that scream from any light source. The highly sought after Welo Opal deposit was discovered in 2008 by government workers and is ethically sourced. This unusually colored Opal pendant is accented here with a red sapphire that has been treated with the trace element, beryllium. The bright red color is stable, though enhanced.

14KT gold pendant, $1800. Designed by Lainey Papageorge, articulated by FM Abdulky. 

Boulder Opal is 100% natural and ethically mined from the remains of a stagnant freshwater basin known as the Eromanga Sea that existed 97-60 million years ago in what is now Queensland, Australia. This sea lacked carbonantes but was full of organic matter and iron rich sediments. Pure Opal is layered along veins of iron matrix in what is referred to as Boulder Opal.
Iridescent pink and blue wild-formed Abalone pearls flank the Opal in this fine silver and 22K ring. These rare pearls are harvested by a family of licensed divers along the coast of Mexico and California.

 22KT, Fine Silver Ring, $1600. size 8. Designed by Lainey Papageorge, articulated by FM Abdulky. 

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