Mineral Murmurings: Spring Equinox 2011

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Dear Friends,

With so much information roaring at us, beauty is restorative. It massages our brains. In the Southern US we cannot recall a more exquisite show of early fruit tree blossoms beneath a more perfect full moon than presented last weekend. As an artist, grief, fear, joy and prayer pour onto my workbench as offerings.  I bow to the Earth as she buckles and shudders in cataclysmic events that may restore balance within, yet wreak havoc upon her surface. We are all on a wild and rocky ride.

The images show my most recent mineral murmurings. These drawings will manifest into glowing beautiful jewelry, hopefully in time for the Inman Park Festival in Midtown Atlanta the last weekend in April.  If you are not able to attend in person, please visit www.elainadesigns.com, the new streamlined Elaina Designs website. Sigh. Relief.

Take a moment to bask in the beauty of gems in virtual reality. The new site is intended for fluid, easy viewing, to navigate and/or purchase online with Paypal or credit card. Thanks to Thomas Lodato, the webmaster, there is also a succinct, mobile version for iPhone or blackberry that loads quickly.  if you experience faults, let us know, so we can smooth the wrinkles. (So simple where there is no physical mass.)

Some of you have already met my new assistant extraordinaire, Aalia Mujtaba, who has been intrumental in the daunting task of photographing, cataloguing and organizing Elaina Designs inventory for the new website.  Thank YOU, Aalia! This spring and next fall Elaina Designs will present Aalia’s own jewelry designed by her, and made by her own graceful and competent hands. In addition, we have an apprentice, Zuri Sabir. Zuri is learning the art and techniques of silversmithing here at Studio 8. This new direction heralds an infusion of youthful vitality and inspiration at Elaina Designs.

We appreciate the support and faith from many devoted friends and clients, and look forward to sharing the bounty of our dedicated efforts in the months to come.

With Refreshed Vision,



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