Modern Rings for a Modern Couple

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Rudi Jaeger and Alize Carrere, wedding photo by Sheryl Sinkow, 2019.

Rudi surprised Alizé on their wedding day with a white gold and diamond ring made by a jeweler in Denmark. Alizé loved the magnificent 1.44ct raw Diamond but the setting did not show off the stone’s natural crystalline beauty nor fit her style. After months of dead-end redesigns, they turned to me for inspiration and assistance. I suggested using Rudi’s mother’s ring as a springboard for the redesign. His father, an engineer, had designed the ring for his mother years ago. It featured a horizontally aligned marquis diamond over a gap. Alizé and Rudi were thrilled with this idea and we got to work with Fareed to determine the strength and tolerance of the 14KT gold to support the long and narrow Diamond. Rudi wanted a simple band that looked more rustic, which Fareed beautifully interpreted by showing evidence of its fabrication. Fareed left the tell-tale markings of his hand: hammer blows and the gold strip’s seam.

I worked closely with Fareed on the rings and texted process shots to Alizé and Rudi in Miami. Too many cooks in the kitchen is not always beneficial but this time the collaboration between master goldsmith, Fareed Abdulky, Alizé, Rudi, and I resulted in delectable perfection.

Alizé and Rudi currently live in Miami, where she is enrolled in a PhD program at the University of Miami in Ecosystem Science & Policy. Rudi just finished his PhD in Physical Oceanography at MIT and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and is now working as a consultant. They both share a deep passion for understanding and protecting the dynamic ecosystems of the world and their diverse inhabitants.

Finding strength in collaboration,


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