Mother’s Hoop Earrings with Birthstones

 In Bespoke Stories

Kelley Granish envisioned large hoop earrings to feature the birthstones for herself, kids, and husband: Aquamarine, Amethyst, Ruby. Contemplating the best use of gems for this delicate hoop design, I decided to graduate both size and hue intensity for the 28 colored gemstones. In yet another engineering masterpiece, Fareed made the hoop structure using 14K white gold wire — a metal known for its tensile strength. He threaded the wire through precision-placed holes in the 14K rose gold bezel walls, creating a perfect arc of color, lightness, and strength.  Kelley competes in triathalons and the design is made to fit her rugged lifestyle, or a night out with Matt.

Fill your lives with color and celebrate all those spectacular Moms out there!

Our children are the best part of our story,

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