New Jewelry Series Benefiting Atlanta’s Olmsted Linear Park Alliance

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A desire to give back to the Atlanta neighborhood that I grew up in has inspired a new jewelry collection, the Olmsted Linear Park Series.  Frederick Law Olmsted, America’s premier landscape architect established himself during the nineteenth century, best known for Central Park in NYC, the Biltmore House grounds in Asheville, NC as well as other famous green spaces. Olmsted also designed the six city parks that form the backbone of the Atlanta Druid Hills neighborhood along Ponce de Leon Avenue. Each time we drive, walk or cycle through, we utilize the benefits of photosynthesis, birdsong and beauty. To develop this new collection, I spent time underneath each of the park’s iconic trees, searching and seeking symbols that might bring harmony to the wearer; beacons of gratitude for the land that gives so freely of itself. — Lainey 2017.

30% of sales will be donated to the Olmsted Linear Park Alliance. Jewelry can be ordered through Lainey Papageorge, or from Sandy Kruger,

 Chalice Tree Red Oak Baby Acorn and baby Tahitian Pearl Pendant: cast oxidized silver acorn top. $165 Shadyside Park

 Twin Oaks Twig & Tahitian Pearl post earrings: sterling cast twigs and acorn top. $320 Dellwood Park

Hickory Nutshell & Tahitian pearl, diamond pendant: oxidized silver cast nut shell, $275. Oak Grove Park

Pearls of Wisdom earrings: Tahitian pearl, cast sterling acorn tops from
the Teaching Tree across from Paideia School $295. Oak Grove Park

Olmsted Linear Parkway Necklace depicts the six park shapes cut from reticulated silver with gemstones symbolizing a significant aspect within each park. $950.

Blue Sapphire marks the spring that once bubbled from the ground, Springdale Park.
Pink Sapphire honors Virgilee, Joel Hurt’s daughter who died as a young child, Virgilee Park.
Pearl for wisdom dropped beneath the “Teaching Tree” across from Paideia School, Oak Grove Park.
Ruby for the red oak often referred to as the “Chalice Tree” due to its magnificent shape, Shadyside Park.
Champagne Diamonds for the towering “Twin Oaks”, Dellwood Park.
Emerald for “The Mead”, a spacious meadow where children and families gather, Deepdene Park.

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