Shedding New Light on Old Diamond Pairs

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Ithaca Gem Resonance sessions: June 17-22
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New Light on Old Pairs
We always look for the inherent light in a stone and enjoy how it enlivens the person wearing it. Diamonds were formed billions of years ago, 250 miles deep in the earth’s mantle, carrying the signature of complicated geological processes. Their story grows yet again in the human realm as cut gems for these women who inherited diamond pairs from a beloved aunt, mother and grandmother. These diamonds become even more precious with wear because as each facet displays its rainbow array, the human story of love and devotion also expands. I hope you enjoy the stories behind these heirloom, recycled diamond jewelry pieces.
Sculptural 18K Yellow Gold Butterfly Earrings with Restyled Diamonds

Christa received these round diamonds from a beloved aunt, intact in their delicate 18k prongs. Her aunt had worn them as earring studs for years, and recently gave them to Christa. Christa is an ecologist and studies how butterflies fit into our world. We designed these earrings inspired by the movement of butterfly wings, capturing the light in her old mine cut diamonds.

Contemporary style Tanzanite Platinum Ring 

Judi did not know what to do with pear shaped diamonds from her mother’s old wedding ring. During a recent trip to Tanzania she had purchased this amazing Tanzanite knowing that if it were set in a ring, she could enjoy peering into its flawless depths. Her diamonds found a perfect home flanking the tanzanite in this stunning platinum alignment of linear geometry enhanced by feminine pear shapes.

Platinum & 14K White Gold Earring Jackets with Repurposed Diamonds

These perfect diamond trillions were given to Marisa by her grandmother who had once worn them in a favorite platinum ring.  I suggested retaining the three-prong setting, melting the ring for credit, and adding a round diamond to create minimalist earring jackets that would dress up diamond huggie hoops she already owned. Sparkling light, handed down from her grandmother, now frames Marisa’s face on special occasions.

I hope to see some of you this summer!


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