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The changing light of Autumn is upon us, and with it daylight savings time arrives on Nov 5th. Rising in the darkness to meet the coming day has the added benefit of watching the night sky fill with light. The ancients dedicated this contemplative time to the “Bringer of Light”, the goddess Eos, whom the Romans later renamed Aurora, the Goddess of Dawn. I love this time of day and the Eos Collection reflects a deep study of light gently spilling into our world from another.

Visit the Elaina Designs website for a beautiful selection of jewels in a variety of price points. Please call or email me (678) 662-6156 or to make an in-person or virtual appointment to tour the showroom. I’m ready to help you find the perfect holiday gift!


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Oyster Shell Pendant. Blue flash labradorite, sterling. $195.
Eos Bringer of Light Ring 1.55 ct purple-black spinel, 24k pure gold, size 6.5. $3500.
Eos Blue Earrings. Indicolite tourmaline, kunzite, FWP, sterling. $350.
Eos Rose Earrings. Morganite, kunzite, tourmaline, sapphire, pearl, 14KY. $400
Eos Dawn Breaking Bracelet. Pink & grey spinel, kunzite, abalone pearl, SS,14KP, 7”. $3800

Dawn from our front porch. Photo by David Hudson.

With love and light,

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