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Wedding Sets Reinvented

As a jewelry designer, there is no greater honor than to be asked to create a symbol dedicated to human devotion.  Recent designs tell a story about the individual couples and how they wish to express that which is sacred.Jonathan & Abbie 

Abbie made sketches and texted me designs for hers & Jonathan’s rings, confident that my expertise could manifest her concept into comfortable bands matched to the contours of their hands. They wished to incorporate diamonds from an earlier marriage, and trade in old bands to be used as credit towards the cost. This was their way of giving thanks to earlier partners who made them into the individuals they are today, able to ride the wave infusing love into aging bodies. The results are magnificent matching wave bands.
Dar & Andy 

Andy surprised Dar with this oval Cornflower Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring that resonated with her sparkling blue eyes, and she was thrilled that it was not a diamond. When Dar, Andy and I met to design the White Sapphire pave-set wedding band, he wanted his band to match the antique finish on her band….with a special request:  To incorporate the old gold wedding band that had been worn for half a century by his grandfather, into his new ring. I understood their request for a high karat matt-textured patina to reflect respect for generations of elders, as well as modern ethical mining practices.
Maggie & Bruce

Maggie and Bruce have been happily married for 28 years and as their lives shift and reshape every decade or so, I have been honored to design three separate sets of wedding rings for them. The original bands were dedicated when they married in 1986, the second set was commissioned in 1993 to celebrate ample funds with which to splurge, and this spring, Maggie wanted to commend herself for losing 30 lbs, and Bruce to revere being a cancer survivor 3 times over. What a fantastic way to celebrate good health and long lasting love!
Please consider making a design appointment in the coming year, as you gather your thoughts and unworn jewels lying somewhere, perhaps in a drawer? Together we can invent a story to be worn and remembered, and cherished not only by you, but by those who love you.
This summer Elaina Designs is grateful to the clients who made two extremely successful trunk shows, with two more upcoming in August. Special thanks to Laura Givertz, owner of Fibula Gallery North, Deer Isle, Maine for being an exquisite host and offering the opportunity to develop new relationships with a fine bevy of friends. 

Please add the following shows in Ithaca, Skagway & Atlanta to your calendar: Saturday & Sunday, August 2 & 3: Ithaca Inlet Valley Art Crawl at Lainey’s Green Door Studio and Studio Wood.  11-4PM both Sat & Sun at 167-1 AND 167-7 Calkins Road, Ithaca, NY 14850. A fun weekend of magic, color and creativity between neighbors sharing inspiration found on our beautiful land.

Friday, August 15: Jewell Gardens Gift Shop in Skagway, Alaska 99840 Contact for details.

Friday, October 10: Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia, “A 40 Year Retrospective: Lainey Papageorge Jewelry Design” Opening Reception on Friday night from 6:30-8:30PM. Please join me to celebrate this dance of design between mineral, color and human form at MOCA-GA in Midtown Atlanta.  The 40 year Retrospective will remain on public view for 4 weeks.
Celebrating our freedoms,


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