Lainey’s designs are magical. Over the years, I have collected a number of pieces. I find that I wear at least one of her pieces every day, no matter how casually I’m dressed, or I don’t feel complete. I am frequently stopped by strangers on the street asking where I obtained such exceptional jewelry.

–Ellen, Ithaca

If you are looking for jewelry that is one of a kind, well crafted and guaranteed to please…this is the place. I have purchased jewelry for my wife from Lainey, for well over 20 years now. And each item reflects those special occasions that gifts are meant to symbolize. She’s simply, the best.

–John P., Atlanta

Lainey has a keen eye for beauty and an attention to detail that is extraordinary. The engagement ring she designed for us is stunning — it not only fits our style perfectly but it is a brilliant and beautiful piece of jewelry. Lainey took our family diamonds and incorporated them into a ring that truly reflects the style of ring my fiance and I were looking for merely from discussing ideas with us. She has a sensitivity and deep creativity that enables her to truly communicate with her clients and create beautiful things that suit them personally. We are truly thrilled with the ring she created for us. We couldn’t be happier with Lainey’s work and we plan to visit her again!

–Carrie and Shea, Atlanta

I love my Lainey jewelry and always get compliments and inquiries about some of my pieces as they are all so interesting. I have a boulder opal pin that is small, but people always notice it and my Turquoise Girl is fabulous and means a great deal to me. I also have a heart ring that I love wearing. Lainey is a jewel herself.

–LWB, Atlanta

I love the pocket knife chain, very sophisticated, yet cool.

–Bob Patterson, Atlanta

I have to tell you I have never felt so connected to a piece of jewelry before! What you have given me, by incorporating my Grandfather’s ring into something I could wear, is more than I could even dream of…. it moves me deeply…and makes my heart sing! Thank you so much!

–Bonnie C., Atlanta

We have been blessed to have the fortune to know Lainey when she designed an engagement ring and our wedding bands 27 years ago. A friendship was struck, and the beautiful jewelry she has designed for us since that time is an art form, timeless in its creation. While traveling all over this beautiful earth we receive compliments on the jewelry worn by us that she has made, and are constantly reminded how blessed we feel to have her in our lives. Lainey creates art in her designs, and each piece is something we will pass down from generation to generation.

–Heidi and Bud, Atlanta

Thank you for putting a piece of your heart into each of your pieces…I wish you could feel the little smile that creeps over me when I put on one of your “lovelies”.

–Charlotte S., Atlanta

We were all wearing our favorite Lainey pieces. Do you remember Cathy Miller, the nurse who came to my house when we had the jewelry soiree in May? You might recall that she bought a very beautiful pearl necklace and earrings – the only thing like that she had ever purchased for herself. Before she died, she requested to be wearing your jewelry when she was dressed for her memorial. I knew you would be grateful knowing that.

–Kathryn D., Seattle

            [The ring] is truly a masterpiece. I am in complete awe. I absolutely love the beautiful, moving lines and the opal positively SINGS. I am thrilled. You are my favorite artist and I am honored to wear your pieces.

— Meredith S., New Mexico

             We love Nino’s Alaska inspired ring, and enjoy it more each day! I really is just sooo perfect. Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure working with you.

— Shane H., Ithaca

             My wedding ring is perfect. It is the most beautiful ring, ever. I am so happy I’ll get to wear it for the rest of my life with Michael. Lainey you did such an amazing job…you gave me exactly what I was hoping for. I knew you would nail it!!!

— Elise R., New York

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