The Inner Jewel: Live Love

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Stretching on the yoga rock.

The North Rock in my Stone Circle is a luscious lichen green.

The symbol, “OM”  vegetable garden has now been weeded and prepared for early spring planting.

Explosion of forsythia and daffodils brightening my wood stove.

Finding the Inner Jewel

In the past when I have hurriedly typed my closing for an email, I often erred and typed “Live, Lainey” instead of “Love, Lainey”.   Annoyed to delete and retype the proper vowel, I now believe there is a message: Use them both, “Live Love’.  In this uncertain, odd new world, the two words express what is most difficult and most caring: to live for the good of the whole, and to love oneself during self-quarantine. When the stakes are so high, self quarantine is a collective act of goodness that protects ourselves and others, ultimately reducing stress for healthcare workers who are the most vulnerable during this pandemic. The Inner Jewel of this collective experience is each of us finding a new way to be at One with what is.  With grace we will persevere and get to the other side of this.

With time to reflect on the privilege and honor to have met, touched and created beauty with each of you, I’d like to thank you. Thank you for trusting me with your stories, and investing in the jewelry I have imagined and that you and your loved ones now wear. I pray for health and ease for you and your families.

I’m grateful that orders continue to come in and that my loyal friends and clients are still thinking of me when a gift is needed. If Aalia and I can help you, please call, text or email me at 678-662-6156 and
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Live Love,

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