Travel Notes from the International Light Association conference in Oslo.

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I just returned from the 15th annual International Light Conference in Oslo, Norway where engineers, therapists, MD’s, PHD’s, physicists, biochemists, and architects presented cutting edge research on the application of light, color and sound for the benefit of health and well being. I was one of sixteen presenters during the stellar four-day series of lectures and workshops. My presentation entitled “Elemental Techniques: Gem Resonance”, explored careful placement of gemstones and minerals onto the human body with applied light & sound. The trace elements that color most gems also provide the foundation for all organic cellular function. I am humbled and relieved to report that my presentation was enthusiastically received and greatly appreciated.

One of my favorite lectures was given by a brilliant engineer, Dr. Roumiana Tsenkova from Kobe University in Japan, who presented her research on Aquaphotonics, the study of how water and infrared light interact immediately on a cellular level to change us, dependent on what we eat and drink each moment. The Japanese milk and dairy industry is funding some of her research as she explained, “when we ingest dairy products from cows whose milk contains contaminants, it may not make us immediately ill, yet our cells immediately retain the near infrared signature, NIR, from these pollutants, because the water in each cell provides a homogeneous communication system throughout our body. You can take a sample from toe skin or stomach tissue, it all reads exactly the same. Light works instantaneously, and NIR light penetrates deeply into all tissue. My research is how to convey this information graphically.”

As Oslo was lit by magical midnight sun every evening and pure blue sky by day, cross-pollination for ideas was fertile for the 115 participants. Early spring blossoms ringed bike paths that intertwined contemporary architecture beside sparkling fjords. My daughter, Alexandra, took five days off from her job working the Norway coast on a Linblad/National Geographic ship tour, to join David and me. Fun-fun-fun-learn-learn-learn…now I must integrate each of these blessings. I plan to begin light groups in both Atlanta and Ithaca to teach some of the new techniques. Please contact me if you are interested in participating.

With Light Lessons,
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